Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition will revive classic speedruns next month and before the game's launch on the Switch, Nintendo has given multiple outlets a chance to go "hands on" with the title.

In case you missed our coverage here on Nintendo Life, we can confirm it's a fun time and think it might even become a staple of Switch game night. You can see the game in action in our video above.

Right, so what did other outlets think of this upcoming release? Starting with VGC, it thought Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition had the potential to be the next multiplayer hit:

"It remains to be seen if there’s enough content in World Championships to keep players entertained for an extensive period, or indeed if it will spawn a sizable online community, but after our session with the game, it’s absolutely one we’re now looking forward to getting our hands on."

GodisaGeek also thinks it could be a party hit this summer:

"This is a game that will truly come into its own in a multiplayer setting, with an excellent multi-screen mode where you have to perform well enough to make a “cut” as the participants are whittled down...Dropping for a budget price point, this is likely to become the unexpected party hit of the summer and an excellently timed dose of prime Nintendo nostalgia."

VG247 felt the same way - labelling it a possible multiplayer classic:

"In short, it gets the blood pumping. And at £25, it feels like an ample replacement for Mario Party for someone who buys those games at full price and then only plays them a few times a year"

CNET said it was breathing new life into Nintendo's classics:

"Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition is taking what some would feel are simple, basic video games from yesteryear and breathing some exciting new life into them."

And Nintendojo called it an "electric, addicting experience":

"The hype is real for NWC. We left the demo with a lot of optimism for this one and we can’t wait to play the final build in a few weeks."

Will you be checking out this Switch release when it launches on 18th July 2024? Tell us in the comments.