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  • News It's Bidoof's Time To Shine In The Newest Pokémon GO Event

    Best boi

    Bidoof is love, and Bidoof is life. It is a testament to Nintendo and Niantic that they've responded so well to the toothy boi becoming a surprise meme hit, including a rather fantastic Bidoof fancam on April Fool's Day from the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Your latest Bidoof News is that the lil gopher guy is getting his very own...

Tuesday1st Jun 2021

Friday28th May 2021

  • News Pokémon GO Fest 2021 - Details, Dates And Pricing Revealed

    Celebrating GO's fifth anniversary

    Can you believe Pokémon GO has now been around for almost five years? How time flies. Niantic and The Pokémon Company have shared all the juicy details on this year's Pokémon GO Fest event which is set to celebrate the game's fifth anniversary in style. It's boasting a music-festival-themed Special Research...

Wednesday28th Apr 2021

  • News Pokémon GO Fest Returns This Summer As A Two-Day Global Event

    Celebrating GO's fifth anniversary

    Pokémon GO Fest is set to return this summer as a two-day global event, developer Niantic has announced. An annual affair, GO Fest offers players the chance to take part in large, community-focused events and serves as the game's biggest yearly celebration. Last year's event debuted a brand new format that saw...

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