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  • Random Pokémon GO Grandpa's Amazing Phone Rig Has Gigantamaxed

    What a sight to behold

    Back in 2018, the then 70-year-old Chen San Yuan rose to fame among the Pokémon GO community after he was spotted with a seriously impressive bike rig which allowed him to use 11 phones at once, helping him to catch and evolve rare Pokémon. Two years later, it would appear that it's not just his Pokémon that are evolving,...

Thursday18th Jun 2020

Monday15th Jun 2020

  • News Pokémon GO Appears To Be Incorrectly Banning iPhone Users


    A large number of Pokémon GO players have been reporting serious issues with their in-game accounts, noting that they've received bans for cheating despite being completely innocent. Eurogamer says that it has received "more than 100 messages" from concerned players in the last couple of days, noting that fans believe the total number of...

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  • News Pokémon GO Player Shares Life-Changing Weight Loss Story

    10 stone lost, lifelong friends gained

    Pokémon GO developer Niantic has released a new video which tells the story of Tommy, a fan of the game who has enjoyed dramatic health improvements as a result of playing regularly. A student at the University of Greenwich in the UK, Tommy recalls how he felt "isolated" as a child, not having many friends...

Friday10th Jan 2020

  • Feature Game Of The Decade Staff Picks - Pokémon GO

    Ryan's personal pick for GOTD

    Following on from our reader-voted Top 50 Games of the Decade, Nintendo Life staff members will be picking their personal favourite Nintendo games between the years 2010-2019. Today, Ryan looks back at how a smartphone title took the world by storm and proved him completely wrong - in a good way... Hold it, let me...

Tuesday7th Jan 2020