Pokémon GO - Timeline

Tuesday23rd Jul 2019

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  • Anniversary Pokémon GO Turns Three Years Old Today

    Time flies when you're walking literally everywhere

    Three years ago today, Niantic and The Pokémon Company changed the world of mobile gaming by introducing the augmented reality-focused Pokémon GO. On 6th July 2016, the app released in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Technical difficulties which came as a result of higher-than-expected early...

Friday5th Jul 2019

Thursday27th Jun 2019

  • News Mudkip Stars In The Next Pokémon GO Community Day Event

    Start time pushed back as summer rolls in

    Niantic and The Pokémon Company have revealed that the next Community Day event in Pokémon GO will feature none other than Mudkip. As always, you can expect to find plenty of the featured Pokémon available for a limited time in the wild, sitting there patiently waiting for you to come along and catch...

Monday17th Jun 2019

Wednesday5th Jun 2019

Monday3rd Jun 2019

  • News Pokémon GO Is Dropping Its Apple Watch Support

    In favour of using just one device

    Pokémon GO might still be one of the biggest games on the planet, but one of the app's supported devices is soon to be cut from the roster. From 1st July, trainers who like to keep a watchful eye on their Pokédex journey using their Apple Watch will no longer be able to use the device. Plenty of other options...

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Thursday4th Apr 2019

  • News Pokémon GO Surpasses $2.5 Billion In Revenue

    Gloomin' heck

    Niantic's smartphone money vacuum Pokémon GO has reportedly achieved another impressive milestone, with estimates now suggesting it has surpassed a whopping $2.5 billion in revenue. The figure comes from Sensor Tower, which also reports that the game had reached $1.8 billion in revenue by its second anniversary last July. With $700...

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  • News Pokémon GO Is Hosting A New Type Of In-Game Event Next Week

    Limited Research

    Next weekend, Pokémon GO is launching a new 'Limited Research' event style, and things are kicking off with a particularly elusive monster to snag for your collection. On 19th January, players will be able to complete special Field Research tasks that all focus on one particular Pokémon - Feebas. Known for its unique evolution...

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