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  • News Niantic Is Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit Over Pokémon GO Fest


    It’s safe to say that Pokémon GO Fest was an unmitigated disaster, as network issues and poor event planning quickly spiraled out of control. The company has been in full damage control mode for the past few days, doing its best to appease the irate attendees and save face by explaining the issues that contributed to the event’s failure...

Thursday27th Jul 2017

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Thursday20th Jul 2017

  • News Pokémon GO's Legendary Pokémon Are Arriving Very Soon

    It's going to be Legen...wait for it

    It's what plenty of fans have been waiting for. Niantic and The Pokémon Company have revealed that after much speculation legendary Pokémon will be arriving in Pokémon GO this weekend.  The trailer below shows off the recently-implemented Gym features, included Gym badges and Raids, before...

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  • News The Big Pokémon GO Update is Being Rolled Out Now

    Time to reinstall

    Just a few days ago, Niantic revealed what is arguably the biggest update to Pokémon GO yet, completely revamping gyms, adding in new items and gym badges, and adding Raid Battles. It was known that this update would be done in stages which would be dripped out over the “next few weeks”, but it seems that the update process...

Monday19th Jun 2017

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Wednesday31st May 2017

  • Video Another Look at the Datel Go-tcha for Pokémon GO

    For those of you too busy to press a button

    Pokémon GO may no longer be the phenomenon it was in Summer 2016, but it still has a sizeable and active base of players. For those still following every event and trying to catch 'em all, then, accessories can play their part in making the hunt easier. We already have the Pokémon GO Plus, of course,...

Wednesday24th May 2017

  • Hardware Datel Go-tcha For Pokémon GO Review

    Taking the effort out of catching those pesky 'mon

    While the Pokémon GO craze has clearly died down after the initial explosion of interest at launch, there are still millions of people who continue to play the game each and every day. Some of these will already be using the excellent Pokémon GO Plus accessory, a device worn on your wrist which...

Tuesday23rd May 2017