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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - New Releases

Air Hockey: Casual Table Arcade (Megame, 4th Jul) - An addictive game that allows the player to enjoy the classic air hockey game anytime, anywhere! The player controls his puck, trying to score it into the opponent's goal, using his lightning-fast reflexes and strategic thinking. The game offers several difficulty levels so that everyone can choose their own level and enjoy the game to the fullest. The player can play both against the computer and against a friend on the same device. For each victory, the player receives coins that can be spent on customizing the playing field. The player can choose the background, pucks and other elements to make the game more personal and unique. GAME FEATURES: • Various modes with different AI difficulties; • Ability to play together on one device; • Huge selection of customisation for the appearance of the game.

Art of Glide 2 (Loneminded, 4th Jul) - In Art of Glide 2, you'll navigate through an endless desert environment teeming with mystery and wonder. Explore at your own pace as you uncover over 18 hidden landmarks scattered throughout the environment. From ancient ruins to run-down industrial sites, each landmark holds its own secrets waiting to be unveiled – but beware, in this unforgiving landscape, you must avoid contact with any environmental obstacles in your way. With intuitive controls and seamless gameplay, Art of Glide 2 offers an exhilarating experience for adventurers of all ages. Explore the breathtaking beauty of the desert as you uncover its hidden treasures, all while avoiding obstacles and mastering the art of flight.

Bouncy Chicken (eastasiasoft, 5th Jul) - It’s time for some fun on the farm in whimsical action puzzler Bouncy Chicken! Master single-screen challenges in top-down 3D style as you take aim at fire your feathered projectile around the chicken pen to gather cobs of corn. In each of the 90 unique levels of Bouncy Chicken, you’ll have only a few shots available to shoot a chicken in any direction, ricocheting off the fence, brick walls and springy obstacles or even through warp points. The objective is to collect every cob of corn on screen before your shot chances run out. Can you clear every stage, or will this game run… a fowl?

Brain Training!! Number Search (MASK, 4th Jul) - It is among many colorful numbers, You have to find the indicated number within the time limit, This is a number game that allows you to enjoy brain activity easily. It is easy to play. ・Look at the picture carefully. ・When you find the indicated number, touch it within the time limit! Even the numbers that seem easy to find if you look carefully are surprisingly difficult when you have a time limit! But it is surprisingly difficult when there is a time limit! When you are not able to figure it out! When you can't figure it out Try pressing the “Hint” button. (I'll tell you approximately where it is. ) The game supports both button controls and touch controls, allowing you to play in TV mode, handheld mode, or tabletop mode. ※This game is designed to be played on the Nintendo Switch™ in vertical orientation.

Cats Hidden in Cozy Places (Halva Studio, 5th Jul) - "Cats Hidden in Cozy Places" is the ultimate cat-lover's delight! Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of charming old towns and quaint houses as you embark on a delightful cat-hunting adventure. With six picturesque scenes to choose from, each bursting with adorable feline friends, the challenge is on to spot all 250 hidden cats! Step into a realm of coziness and cuteness, where every corner holds a furry surprise waiting to be discovered. From sun-dappled cobblestone streets to snug, fire-warmed cottages, each scene is lovingly crafted to evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia. But don't be fooled by the tranquility of these scenes—finding all the cats will put your keen eye and attention to detail to the test! Search high and low, peek behind curtains and under furniture, and unravel the secrets of these cozy places to uncover every hidden kitty.

Choose and Easy Number IQ Quiz (TT, 4th Jul) - With simple controls that only require selecting numbers from 0 to 9, you can enjoy an IQ quiz that’s perfect for brain training. How to play is easy: ・Carefully read the question and look at the illustration. ・Choose the answer from numbers 0 to 9. Each variety-filled question has a time limit, so questions that seem easy with more time might be surprisingly challenging? With a quick one-question-one-answer format, this game is perfect for passing the time. Enjoy trick questions that make you think hard and tough ones that can’t be solved by intuition alone with your family, friends, or viewers of your game stream. ・Want to test their abilities ・Want to improve their observation skills ・Want to train their brain during spare time ・Love solving puzzles ・Enjoy escape games or werewolf games

Clock Maker: My Pendulum Clock (kids room) - With this app, you can draw your very own pendulum clock by hand. Freely create your clock on the screen, add hands that show the time, and a gently swinging pendulum to make it move just like a real pendulum clock. Experience the creative joy and traditional relaxation simultaneously.

Cthulhu Tower (Marginalact, 28th Jun) - In Cthulhu Tower, you will plunge into the depths of cosmic horror as you defend the eldritch abominations led by the ancient entity against the relentless onslaught of humanity. This is a tower-defense game that takes a spine-tingling twist on the genre, casting you as the protector of the Great Old Ones in a battle that will test your strategic prowess and your sanity. Eldritch Forces: Control Lovecraftian monstrosities with unique abilities. Sanity Challenge: Protect your sanity amidst the human onslaught. Crafting and Building: Utilize a robust crafting system to create tools, weapons, and structures to improve your chances of survival. Dynamic Day-Night Cycle: Adapt to the changing environment as day turns into night, presenting new threats and opportunities. Resource Management: Gather resources from the environment, including flora, fauna, and minerals, to sustain your needs and craft essential items. Grim Aesthetics: Haunting visuals and eerie soundtrack.

Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero (Ratalaika Games, 5th Jul) - Anew mysterious enemy threatens the world once again! Only one hero can save the world. . . Shockman! Join bionic heroes Raita and Azuki as they face all kinds of dangerous enemies to save humanity. Is this heroic task too much for you? Then join forces with a friend for some classic-style action!

Editor’s Hell – Newspaper Story - You just became the editor for a newspaper in a troublesome country. First, you have to make a choice. Will you support the government or will you go against it? Supporting the government can result in bankruptcy since there are a lot of newspapers doing just that already. Or you can take a stand against it and confront a president with questionable integrity, who is rushing towards dictatorship, without drawing too much attention. Be an editor to a newspaper Decide on what news - lines - headline go through, assign it to one of your journalists. Manage your employees; or get new ones. Design your paper' pages with the news you choose to publish, pick a commercial to print. Organize paper route; decide where and how your newspaper will be distributed Go home and take care of your family, manage economics. Reach for the different endings, depending on your management.

Grandma Cleaning Simulator – Family Business Tycoon - Step into the shoes of a spirited grandma on a mission to clean up various locations and build a thriving family business in "Grandma Cleaning Simulator - Family Business Tycoon". Take on the role of this lovable matriarch as she embarks on a journey through laundry rooms, garages, art studios, apartments, and luxurious villas, leaving no corner untouched. In this first-person view simulation game, players experience the daily life of a dedicated cleaner, earning money for each spotless space they leave behind. The ultimate goal? To use those hard-earned funds to purchase apartments for all her beloved grandchildren.

Highway Zombie Survival – Car Apocalypse - Step into the ultimate road warrior experience with Highway Zombie Survival - Car Apocalypse! In this adrenaline-pumping single-player game, your mission is simple yet deadly: survive. Navigate through a treacherous highway teeming with relentless zombies and perilous obstacles. Prove your driving skills, upgrade your arsenal, and unlock powerful cars to stay ahead of the undead threat.

Hollow Police Emblem: The Visual Novel (Aldora Games, $9.90) - Immerse yourself in the world of mystery and intrigue with our latest visual novel game! In this exciting title, you become a cunning detective whose decisions not only solve complex crimes, but also weave the fabric of your destiny. Here's what makes our game a must-see experience: ·Detective Challenges: Solve immersive cases with multiple layers of mystery and uncover hidden secrets using your wits and deductive skills. ·Crucial choices: Every decision counts and can have serious consequences, impacting both your professional career and your personal relationships. ·Deep Relationships: Navigate a complicated web of relationships within your police team. Establish alliances, face conflicts and discover hidden loyalties. ·Stunning Visuals and Rich Characters: Explore a variety of beautifully designed settings and meet a diverse cast of complex characters, each with their own story and motivations.

Jetpack Race (Entity3, 6th Jul) - Compete for fuel as you race to the finish line wearing jetpacks! Stick to the track or use up fuel to take short cuts to get ahead Unlock different characters and race many tracks!

Kingdom’s Dungeon Rage - The king have been taken hostage and locked inside a Dungeon! A dungeon that changes each time you die or complete a level. Complete in challenging different ways to escape, from becoming invisible, turning the world upside down and a lot more - your only goal is to escape without rage quitting.

Kubits Gallery (Ty, 8th Jul) - Discover the wonderful history of painting around the world in Kubits Gallery. Gasp! Every painting in the museums has vanished, they've all gone blank and no one knows why! Luckily the Kubits are taking things over control and with their help you will be able to remake all the works. Solve nonogram grids to unveil the great canvases of the history of painting around the world remade by the Kubits, these little chameleon squares who glue themselves to grids to make new images. Kubits Gallery is a logic game for casual players where you can solve different logic puzzles on grids to create images. You can take all the time you need and relax while you solve more than 120 levels of nonogram spread across fictional galleries representing the history of painting in 3 countries. Nonograms are a bit like crosswords but for pictures, a solo puzzle game where you paint on a grid by blackening the grid cells with Kubits (squares).

MACHI KORO With Everyone (Grounding) - "Machi Koro" is a popular analog board game nominated for the German Game of the Year Award 2015 worldwide. "MACHI KORO With Everyone" is the definitive edition of the "MACHI KORO" series developed by Grounding, the creator of "MACHI KORO", as a digital and online version.

Mini Golf League: Sports Simulator (Megame, 4th Jul) - In this fun top-down golf simulator, your goal is to hit a hole-in-one while overcoming a variety of obstacles and challenges in each level. Your aiming skills, strategic thinking and patience will be put to the test as the number of attempts is limited. Each level is a unique mini golf course with its own challenges and puzzles. Each obstacle requires precision and care, as even a slight deviation can lead to a failed attempt. As you progress through the game, the levels will become increasingly difficult, requiring you to improve your skills and precision. But don't give up, because every obstacle you overcome will bring you great satisfaction! Improve your skills, overcome obstacles and strive for excellence to become a true mini golf champion! GAME FEATURES: • Excellent warm-up for attentiveness and accuracy; • Many levels of varying difficulty; • Exciting gameplay for all ages;

Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon Master - Your mission, should you choose to accept it! Embody Reivax, the servile (or not) steward of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. Years before the first incursion of fearless adventurers, you are tasked to build, develop, and populate the wobbly tower. Above all, try not to upset your master, the evil sorcerer Zangdar. Are you up to the task?

Party Games (Sabec, $14.99) - Introducing the "Party Games" bundle - the ultimate collection for unforgettable moments with family and friends! Gather around for head-to-head trivia showdowns with Fastest on the Buzzer, test your luck with classic Bingo, or experience the adrenaline rush of Horse Racing. Get ready to laugh, compete, and make lasting memories together! Fastest on the Buzzer Fastest on the Buzzer is a fast-paced multiplayer trivia game where you challenge other players using your smartphone or tablet. Race to hit the buzzer before your opponents and answer questions to earn points. But beware - a wrong answer could cost you points and give your rivals a chance to steal the lead. Think fast and play smart to come out on top! Bingo Step into the immersive world of Bingo! Join friends or take on AI opponents in a modern take on this classic game, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready as the numbers are called out.

Replik Survivors (Waku Waku, 4th Jul) - This game is a time survival game with role-playing and roguelite elements. Through the choice of upgrades in battle to make the character stronger and stronger, defeat the oncoming enemies.

Retro Battle (YSO, 9th Jul) - Test your skill on retro games with Retro Battle ! NPC Battles • Defy a variety of NPCs, each with unique abilities and strategies, to unlock new challenges and rewards. Retro-Themed Mini-Games • Enjoy a diverse selection of mini-games inspired by classic arcade and console hits. Quick and Fun Gameplay • Perfect for short, engaging play sessions that capture the nostalgic spirit of retro gaming. Will you be able to win all your duels and become the best Retro Player ? Test your skills now !

River Tails: Stronger Together (GRAVITY GAME ARISE, $17.99) - Teammates must work together to defeat end-of-level bosses and solve puzzles across a range of natural-world environments. Play either as Furple, the curious and excitable purple kitten, or Finn, the independent fish with a bit of an attitude problem. You'll embark upstream with these unexpected allies,towards the icy mountain where Furple's family are in mortal danger. Can you save them in time? * River Tails: Stronger Together requires a controller in order to play. * ■Immerse yourself in visually stunning natural-world environments In River Tails, you'll embark on an epic and visually stunning journey across land and water. Explore the flora of uncharted rainforests, immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of river caves, cross the treacherous swamp (if you can! ). Only then will you get back to the icy mountain. On your way, you'll encounter a wide range of local wildlife - but be sure to work out which are your friends and which are your enemies before it's too late!

Scoop it! Goldfish (SAT-BOX, 4th Jul) - Let's enjoy goldfish scooping on the Nintendo Switch™! Share Joy-Con™ and play with up to 4 players! Aim for a new high score! Wield your net and scoop up all kinds of goldfish! 【Score Attack】 Scoop as many goldfish as you can and aim for a high spot on the leaderboards! 【Battle】 Compete with others and test your goldfish scooping skills! 【Display】 Display the fish you've caught in Score Attack in an aquarium! Change to fullscreen mode and relax while watching your fish!

Sea under the sea under the sea (Marginalact, 21st Jun) - The year is 2082. Most of the planet is covered with water, and the composition of marine fauna has changed dramatically. Humanity has about 500 million people, most of whom live where the mountains used to be. You are in the Carpathian port. A team of researchers found an anomaly in the Black Sea. The signal shows that part of the seabed has begun to rise. Everything indicates that a new island has formed on the surface. You are an underwater team worker. Your task is to investigate the anomaly. Sea under the sea under the sea is an exploration plot-driven game where you will be spooked in the deepest corners of the sea!

Sir Happenlance (Triple Fault, 4th Jul) - Climb huge mountains, impale hundreds of enemies, and solve tricky physics puzzles. . . all using only a spear. Pole-vault yourself to victory in this epic joust-'em-up adventure!

Sky Survivors (Samustai, $4.99) - Sky Survivors is an arena shooter roguelite. Choose from a variety of skills, unlock unique characters and weapons. Build «stairway to heaven» — a sky tower, each floor of which gives your character a unique bonus. Create your own overpowered build to survive against hordes of monsters!

SPY×ANYA: Operation Memories (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, $49.99) - Based on the popular anime & manga series! Anya Forger has received a new assignment from school: create a photo diary of memories. On weekdays, head to class in the morning, then enjoy family time in the evening. On weekends, visit all sorts of exciting places, like the beach or art museums, in search of subjects worthy of photographing! What kind of photo diary will you help Anya create?

Summer Games Beach Volley (Pix Arts, 5th Jul) - Dive into the heart of the Summer Games Tournament with this Beach Volley game Experience the thrill of competition as you vie for the coveted gold medal in intense beach volleyball matches. Our game delivers a true-to-life experience with full 3D graphics, smooth animations, and realistic beach volleyball sound effects, ensuring every spike and dive feels authentic and immersive. Compete solo against AI challengers or gather your friends for exhilarating local multiplayer matches for up to 4 players. Whether you're serving up aces or executing precise blocks, every move counts as you strive to dominate the sandy court and claim victory. ' Summer Games Beach Volley' is the perfect blend of excitement and precision, offering players a chance to showcase their skills in the ultimate test of beach volleyball prowess. Are you ready to step onto the sand, face off against the competition, and seize the gold medal in the Summer Games Tournament?

The Battle Cats Unite! (PONOS, $19.99) - Based off of the hit mobile game The Battle Cats, downloaded over 90 million times worldwide! Now available on Nintendo Switch™ with all-new features! Featuring a simple-to-learn battle system that anyone can enjoy! Team up with a friend to increase the fun many times over! Play with family, friends, or even during a night in with that special someone! Create your own weirdly cute Cat Army and take to the battlefield! ★ The Battle Cats Unite! Nintendo Switch™ Features ★ ◆Collect over 350 different weirdly cute Cat heroes! Use Cat Food and Ticket items earned in game collect a variety of different Cats from the in-game Capsule machine and evolve them! *This game contains no in-game purchases. ◆More stages, more fun! Play over 300 stages, with some based off of the real world, the future, and even some set in space! Or embark a journey searching for legendary Cats in the Stories of Legend! ◆Take a break from battle with exciting minigames!

The Five Covens (GammeraNest, $12.99) - In the land of Gaarth there are five families of sorcerers, each with their characteristic abilities. Our character is a young witch belonging to the family that dominates levitation. The villain seeks to control the other powers to establish himself as absolute ruler. To this end, he invites Brenda to his castle with the premise of a meeting as a trick. At the entrance she is caught. Shortly after she wakes up in a dungeon and she must find a way to run away using her skills. At all times we will be supported by our inseparable companion, the crow. To face the difficulties of dungeons, including enemies and puzzles of all kind, Brenda will strengthen herself before her final battle against the evil leader Kenot.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak (NIS America, 5th Jul) - The spriggan known as Van Arkride is an underground professional that accepts work from any client and acts as a detective, negotiator or bounty hunter with no allegiance. However, the course of his life will change forever when he takes on a strange case that threatens the entire nation. Slash your way through intense combat that springs to life with beautiful visuals, and craft your own gameplay experience in Calvard with features such as high-speed mode and a new alignment system!

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There’s No Dinosaurs 2 - Ready for a new dino-finding adventure? There's No Dinosaurs 2 brings 9 new exciting locations, including a farm, library, and a theater. But remember, dinosaurs do not exist so don't expect to find anything!

True Colours – A Date with Deception (10th Jul) - When three new hires join the office, love is in the air! Take the role of a gender-neutral protagonist that represents every player and make key decisions about work, life and love to guide the story’s development. Get to know your coworkers, go on dates and discover what innermost secrets they could be hiding. Engage in deep, sometimes disarming dialogue and enjoy a wide variety of backdrops and CG scenes. True Colours – A Date With Deception starts as a cute visual novel about day-to-day life and the pursuit of happiness beyond a boring work routine, but as interpersonal trust is called into question, a darker side begins to emerge. Be forewarned that you could be seen as the villain of this tangled web, but it’s up to you whether you embrace the role or seek ultimate redemption. Dare to explore multiple story routes and romantic interests leading to 12 possible endings, some good… and some very bad!

Uphill Stunt Driver: Extreme Racing Simulator (Megame, 4th Jul) - The player is given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a specially prepared racing car that can overcome any obstacles. The goal of the game is to get to the top of the mountain by conquering the most difficult and winding roads filled with dangers. During the race, the player faces various challenges: from sharp turns and cliffs to rock collapses and falling stones. To overcome obstacles, the player needs to show a high level of skill and reaction, use all the capabilities of the car and choose the optimal path. The graphics of the game are made in a realistic style, immersing the player in the exciting atmosphere of an extreme racing adventure. The soundtrack adds adrenaline, immersing the player in an atmosphere of speed and danger. Game Features: • Excellent warm-up for reaction and attentiveness; • Many trails of varying difficulty; • Exciting gameplay for all ages;

Utah Games Presents (UTAH GAMES, $4.99) - Utah Games Presents combines a number of student-made games into a single fantastic, portable experience for the Nintendo Switch™. Vault through the parkour apocalypse of Urban Nightmares, take a jaunt of wit and whimsy through the world of Cardboard Chronicles, turn the tides of battle in My Little RPG Shop, or roll through the puzzles and adventures of Utah Games Presents! Each of these games was made by graduate students in the University of Utah's Masters of Entertainment Arts and Engineering, so playing helps our students to make better games, and helps support future students in achieving their game-making goals!

Whispering Paws (8th Jul) - Emotional Journey: Traverse a beautifully crafted 3D environment as you guide the fox through a heartfelt narrative. Experience the emotional highs and lows of a fox's quest to bring its family back together. Enchanting World: Explore a magical landscape filled with vibrant forests, mysterious caves, and ancient ruins. Every corner of the world is a piece of the puzzle waiting to be uncovered. Soothing Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in a captivating musical score that complements the serene atmosphere of the Whispering Paws world. Let the music guide you through the emotional highs and lows of the fox's journey. Whispering Paws is not just a game; it's an emotional odyssey that will resonate with players of all ages. Can you overcome the challenges and reunite the Whispering Paws family? Begin your journey now.

Wild West Tycoon Empire (DEMENCI Games, $1.99) - Welcome to the untamed frontier! In "Wild West Tycoon Empire," you are tasked with transforming the rugged Wild West into a thriving economic powerhouse. This low-poly style simulation game invites you to master the art of frontier entrepreneurship where every decision counts and every enterprise takes you one step closer to building a legendary empire.

What will you be downloading this week? (152 votes)

  1. Air Hockey: Casual Table Arcade  0.7%
  2. Art of Glide 21%
  3. Bouncy Chicken  0%
  4. Brain Training!! Number Search1%
  5. Cats Hidden in Cozy Places  0.7%
  6. Choose and Easy NUMBER IQ QUIZ  0%
  7. Clock Maker : My Pendulum Clock  0.7%
  8. Cthulhu tower  0.7%
  9. Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero4%
  10. Editor's Hell - Newspaper Story1%
  11. Grandma Cleaning Simulator - Family Business Tycoon4%
  12. Highway Zombie Survival - Car Apocalypse  0.7%
  13. Hollow Police Emblem: The Visual Novel1%
  14. Jetpack Race  0%
  15. Kingdom's Dungeon Rage  0%
  16. Kubits Gallery  0%
  17. MACHI KORO With Everyone  0.7%
  18. Mini Golf League: Sports Simulator1%
  19. Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master  0.7%
  20. Party Games  0%
  21. Replik Survivors  0.7%
  22. Retro Battle  0.7%
  23. River Tails: Stronger Together1%
  24. Scoop it! Goldfish  0%
  25. Sea under the sea under the sea  0.7%
  26. Sir Happenlance  0%
  27. Sky Survivors  0%
  28. SPY×ANYA: Operation Memories14%
  29. Summer Games Beach Volley1%
  30. The Battle Cats Unite!3%
  31. The Five Covens  0.7%
  32. The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak16%
  33. There's No Dinosaurs 21%
  34. True Colours - A Date With Deception  0.7%
  35. Uphill Stunt Driver: Extreme Racing Simulator  0%
  36. Utah Games Presents3%
  37. Whispering Paws  0.7%
  38. Wild West Tycoon Empire1%
  39. Nothing for me this week35%

So that's your lot for this week's North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!