Deneos Games, the developer behind Save Me Mr Tako, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its GBA-inspired RPG Tako no Himitsu: Oceans of Secrets, which is currently slated to launch in 2026.

Boasting music from Motoi Sakuraba (Golden Sun) and Masanori Hikichi (Terranigma), the game might be pretty far off at the time of writing, but there's a demo available on Steam right now if you want to get a taste of what's in store.

The game contains six playable characters, each with their own unique abilities and backstories. You'll partake in real-time combat encounters and will need to befriend and recruit magical Octopuses, which you can then train to assist you in battle or provide aid when solving puzzles.

Visually, the game looks gorgeous; a proper throwback to the good ol' days of the GBA. Here's hoping the gameplay can match up. In the meantime, let's check out the official synopsis:

"Embark on a quest to face traumas and secrets to save a world consumed by the shadows of its past. Play as six different characters and uncover their stories as you explore a troubled world beset by shadow monsters. Befriend and train magic Octopuses to aid you in real time combat and puzzles, and strategize to gain the advantage against your enemies!"

We'll have more to share on Tako no Himitsu in the coming months.

For now, let us know with a comment if you plan on either backing the game or trying out the demo via Steam.