Originally released on PC back in 2006, publisher KalypsoMediaGroup is bringing Ascaron's space opera, DarkStar One, to Switch on 20th June.

In this sci-fi adventure, you will play as Kayron, a pilot navigating the galaxy in the hopes of uncovering its dark secrets. Along the way, you'll be building a trustworthy crew of space explorers and customising your ship to take on the threats of the galaxy.

Admittedly, the updated visuals here can't hide that the game appears to be very much of its time. That said, it seems to offer a lot for both fans of the original and newcomers, with 300 different solar systems to explore and a variety of available career paths from trader to assassin.

You can find out more about the game's features and get a look at some screenshots below.

• DarkStar One – Nintendo Switch™ Edition revives a classic, featuring enhanced visuals optimized for the console.
• Retro Space Opera: Immerse yourself into a compelling mix of story-driven Sci-Fi Adventure, RPG customization, trade elements and action-packed space battles.
• Open World: Explore a universe of more than 300 solar systems populated by 6 distinct alien races with unique ship designs, tactics and behaviours, as well as a realistic economic system.
• Pick your playstyle: Play as pirate, trader, mercenary, bounty hunter, smuggler or assassin, as the game world and the different factions react to your actions and reputation.
• Heavy fighter or fast cruiser? Choose from over 200 unlockable components to customize your spaceship with engines, weapons and shields according to your needs.
• Discover hidden artifacts: Upgrade your vessel with the help of ancient knowledge from alien cultures to gain, for example, more speed, durability or special abilities.

DarkStar One - Nintendo Switch Edition will be available on the Switch eShop later this month for £26.99 / $29.99. A 10% pre-order discount is available on the game before launch for anyone who wants to bagsy their copy early.

What do you make of this one? Did you play the original? Fly down to the comments and let us know.