Ahead of Antonblast's launch later this year on 12th November 2024, developer Summitsphere has released the game's opening cutscene, and it's pretty great.

It showcases Satan (naturally) who, after conversing with a magical mirror, discovers that there is a 'red guy' who happens to 'shine more crimson' than he. This, of course, is our protagonist, Dynamite Anton, so poor ol' Satan decides to take what Anton loves the most, coax him into his lair, and 'siphon his delightfully rosy tone'.

It sounds, uh, completely bonkers. We love it though, and it definitely represents the outrageous platforming gameplay quite well. In case you're curious, you can sample the game right now with a demo frome the Switch eShop, which features two sizable levels from the main game.

In the meantime, let's remind ourselves of the key features:

- BLAST through a unique powertrip of a platformer!

- INDULGE in an urban graffiti-inspired art style!

- DEMOLISH massive destructible environments!

- BATTLE brutal, earthshaking bosses!

- EXPERIMENT with a totally dynamic playstyle; rush through for the best time
or explore at your own pace!

Are you looking forward to checking out Antonblast later this year? What do you make of this opening cutscene? Let us know your thoughts with a comment.

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