Antonblast lands with a bang on Nintendo Switch on 12th November 2024, publisher and developer Summitsphere has announced. Not only that, but a free demo is available to download on the eShop today.

Shown off during today's Indie World presentation, Antonblast is a Wario Land-inspired platforming that sees you play as Anton as he tries to reclaim his soul from Satan. But he's not doing it calmly. Description and explosiveness are the name of the game, here.

Antonblast is a timed console-excusive on Switch, too. So here (or PC) are the first places you'll get to play it .

If you've played Antonball Deluxe then you've got an idea of the kind of wacky vibes here. We had fun with Summitsphere's debut game when it launched a few years back, and we're looking forward to getting reacquainted with Anton later in the year.

Are you excited for Antonblast on Switch later this year. Let us know in the comments.