Capcom's 3DS title Monster Hunter Stories returns this week as a new remastered release for the Nintendo Switch.

It's now fully voiced and comes with a Museum mode, allowing players to view over 200 pieces of concept art and listen to additional BGM. The game's existing updates are also included, making this a slightly more complete version than the original release. Although it's worth noting the Zelda DLC isn't included in this new package.

With all this in mind, it's got us wondering who here in our community Nintendo Life will be picking up the game this week. So vote in our poll and leave a comment below.

Will you be getting Monster Hunter Stories for Switch? (1,146 votes)

  1. I've already pre-ordered12%
  2. Day one3%
  3. As soon as possible6%
  4. Yes, but not right away14%
  5. I'm still thinking about it9%
  6. The 3DS release is enough for me13%
  7. I'm busy with other games8%
  8. No, I'm not interested27%
  9. I'm getting it on PlayStation5%
  10. I'm getting it on PC3%

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