Furniture & Mattress' delightful puzzle game, Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure, has a release date. During today's Day of the Devs stream, the hand-drawn, story-driven adventure will be coming to Switch (and other platforms) on 25th July 2024.

Originally announced during a Nintendo Direct back in February 2024, Arranger is the debut game from Furniture & Mattress, which combines the indie might of David Hellman (the artist of Braid), Nick Suttner (writer of Carto), and Nicolás Recabarren (designer of Ethereal). With music from Ethereal composer Tomás Batista, it's an all-star development team aiming to bring some hand-drawn magic to the world.

Combining the narrative weight and "combat" of an RPG with simple and addictive puzzle-solving, Arranger follows Jemma, a mischievous girl who leaves her cosy home for adventure. However, she finds the world is "stagnant", held in place by a static force. Jemma has to find her place in the world while helping break the cycle of stagnation.

The story is told largely through beautifully-drawn comic book panels, too. Nothing is traditional about this game — there's no proper combat, but rather encounters that you have to solve by shuffling panels around. Every single item you need to use is on the grid ahead of you. And, the entire world is visually connected.

Day of the Devs may have been light on Switch announcements, but this is certainly one of the highlights, and we can't wait to shift the floor on 25th July.

Are you looking forward to Arranger: A Role-Playing adventure next month? Let us know in the comments.