Developer and publisher Acquire (Octopath Traveler, Ancient Weapon Holly) has announced that it will be releasing its upcoming real-time RPG Scars of Mars on Nintendo Switch alongside PC.

Announced via social media (thanks, Gematsu), it also confirmed that a demo of the game will be made available via the Switch eShop shortly. The game itself, meanwhile, will launch on Switch day and date with the PC version on 20th June 2024.

It looks intriguing, and given Acquire's strong back catalogue, we'll be keeping a close eye on this one. For now, let's check out the official description:

Real-time Battle Formations
Take control of four humanoid units in a 3x3 grid during real-time battles. Makes split-second decisions as you command characters to fight, flee or execute your own stratagems on the battlefield. Strategic timing and firm decisiveness will be key to overcoming these trying conditions, all the while running against the clock!

Character Customization
Gear up your humanoid squadron to tackle any situation. Depending on their combination of class, frame and equipment, each humanoid can be specialized to take on a variety of roles. Create a slow but deadly long-range sniper, a quick fighter, a devastating combat berserker, or a supportive healer, to name a few. Customize your humanoids as you see fit to create a powerful team!

Battery Level
During every run, you'll tread your through a path that forks off into multiple routes. Your humanoids require battery power to operate, battle enemies and investigate the research facility. As you proceed, your battery will slowly drain, no matter what it is you're doing. Draw on your knowledge and make tough choices - delve to the deepest level and aim for the boss, or retreat from combat to gather new items and equipment? Keep an eye on the battery level and gauge what approach would best suit your party.

Do you like the look of this one? Were you intending to buy it on Steam, or will the new Switch version tempt you? Let us know.

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