Sonic Superstars
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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

SONIC SUPERSTARS (SEGA, 17th Oct, $59.99) - Spin dash with Sonic and friends through the mystical Northstar Islands in this new high-speed, 2D side-scrolling platformer game. Speed through 12 new zones as one of four playable characters and the return of an old nemesis. Harness seven new Emerald powers to move and attack in dynamic ways like climbing waterfalls, multiplying and more. For the first time in the series, you can even play through the entire campaign with up to three other friends in local co-op. Combine your powers against Dr. Eggman and Fang when Sonic Superstars launches on Oct 17.

Switch eShop - New Releases

A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection (Ziggurat, 17th Oct, $9.99) - The Retro Collection is a two-episode saga, including the original A BOY AND HIS BLOB: TROUBLE ON BLOBOLONIA™ (Nintendo Entertainment System™) and THE RESCUE OF PRINCESS BLOBETTE (Nintendo Game Boy™), that will lead you on many exciting adventures with delicious surprises and comical characters. TROUBLE ON BLOBOLONIA™ Team up with an extraterrestrial lifeform named Blobert (affectionately known as Blob) to save Blob’s home planet! The evil emperor of Blobolonia™ is threatening to rule the planet with his army of minions. Thwart his plans for total conquest while forging an unbreakable bond by using the power of jelly beans! Find hidden treasures across Blobolonia™ by discovering new secrets and gathering enough resources to buy new jellies. These tasty treats will give Blob the power to undergo miraculous transformations and help you save the world together. Sounds like a daunting task, right? Not with Blob by your side!

Alphadia I & II (KEMCO, 12th Oct, $19.99) - Step into the enchanting world of Alphadia, a revitalized epic fantasy RPG series that merges the first two titles, 'Alphadia I' and 'Alphadia II', into a single, captivating adventure. Immerse yourself in a beautifully reimagined world, where attractive characters and their enthralling journey come to life through updated graphics. Experience a richer narrative with the inclusion of cross events, bridging the stories of I and II. Choices made in one game influence the unfolding drama in the other. Unveil the elusive true ending of Alphadia II by conquering both titles and meeting specific conditions. Moreover, delve into a treasure trove of rewards, including enemy catalog, and various other exciting extras.

Ancient Relics – Egypt (Green Sauce Games, 12th Oct, $19.99) - Embark on an extraordinary journey through time in "Ancient Relics - Egypt", an immersive match-3 adventure set in the captivating world of Ancient Egypt. Solve challenging Match-3 puzzles to gather precious gold and rebuild a once-thriving village to its former glory. Unearth priceless power-ups hidden within the Pharaoh's tomb, as you delve deeper into the ancient secrets. Be strategic and make every move count to overcome the pharaoh's dark and ancient magic. Can you conquer the puzzles, save the village, and put an end to the Pharaoh's fury? The fate of Egypt rests in your hands.

Arcade Archives DARIUS II (HAMSTER, 5th Oct, $7.99) - DARIUS II is a shooting game released by Taito in 1989. Piloting powerful, modified Silver Hawks through stages starting from the sun to Mercury, Venus, the moon, the earth, Mars, and then to Jupiter, battling various bosses on the way to save your people, This is the impressive, 3 screen version!

Astebros (PixelHeart, 1st Nov, $12.99) - Astebros is a roguelite game about the beginnings of the kingdom of Asteborg! Choose your hero among three different characters and go through procedural dungeons to eliminate your formidable opponents! Defeat bosses to obtain valuable power orbs! Collect coins and materials to buy and upgrade your equipment! Discover mysterious secrets within the dungeons... All this alone or in pairs!

Asterix & Obelix: Heroes (Nacon, 5th Oct, $29.99) - Asterix, Obelix and their friends are back in a tactical game. The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely... One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. Fight using the cards, upgrade your heroes and add to your deck during the adventure. Each card has specific characteristics, from inflicting heavy damage with a menhir to healing a hero with one of Getafix's potions! It's up to you to adapt to each round, making the right choices, so you can foil the plans of the crazy Romans.

Ball laB II (eastasiasoft, 18th Oct, $4.99) - Stripping away modern complexities to return to a simpler, more challenging style of gaming, Ball laB II is a straightforward precision platformer presented in minimalistic pixel art graphics with a soothing colour palette. Each puzzling stage fills a single screen, with the objective being to get from one end of the level to another without falling victim to spikes, pitfalls or other hazards. You play as the ball. You can roll along flat surfaces, bounce to ledges, hop onto platforms, double-jump or ride elevators to reach your goal. If you hit a hazard, you’ll instantly respawn at the beginning of the stage, adding to your death counter with each attempt. How many tries will it take for you to clear all 50 challenges?

Big Vehicle Simulator Games Bundle – Truck Farming Flight Construction Bus Ship (DV Obilex Soft, 12th Oct, $99.99) - Almost every vehicle imaginable, built for roads, skies, waters, and every exciting adventure in between. This bundle includes 6 games: Bus Driving Simulator 22, Farmer Simulator, Airplane Flight Simulator, Extreme Trucks Simulator, Ship Simulator, Truck Simulator USA.

Block Buster Billy (Bigosaur, 10th Oct, $9.99So m) - Block Buster Billy is a puzzle game where you move blocks with digits and basic math operations to form numbers and equations. When you complete an equation, it turns into a big block you can move out of the way to open the treasure chest. Combining these simple rules with carefully placed blocks leads to some very challenging puzzles.

Break the Glass Cup: Breaking Physics Puzzle (Megame, 19th Oct, $9.99) - The rules of the game are simple - you need to throw the ball so as to break all the glasses on the playing field. But since the ball obeys all the laws of physics, this task can become quite difficult. With each level, the number of obstacles will grow and you will have to strain your accuracy and logic before making a throw. Lots of levels, various obstacles and objects, interesting puzzles - all this will help you get distracted after a hard day and spend time with good use!

Car Games Bundle – Racing Driving School Police Drag Drift Taxi (SC Ovilex Soft, 12th Oct, $49.99) - Get behind the wheel of your favorite cars and become the best driver in the world! This bundle includes 5 games: Driving School Simulator, Police Simulator 2023, Taxi Simulator, Real Driving Simulator, Car Drag Racing Simulator.

Chemically Bonded (Ratalaika Games, 12th Oct, $9.99) - Enter the melancholic life of an ordinary Japanese high school male as you become entwined in the dispute between two neighboring female students. Learn more about their past together as you piece together their relationship and mend their bond, all whilst forming new bonds of your own. You’ll be presented with both conventional and unconventional choices which shape the relationship formed with the girls. You could choose to help restart the Science club, or to increase your athletic capabilities. . . all the while growing closer to the girl who holds the key to your heart.

Company of Heroes Collection (Feral Interactive, 12th Oct, $29.99) - Take command in World War II, in the renowned real-time strategy masterpiece now available on consoles for the very first time. The game that redefined real-time strategy makes its Nintendo Switch™ debut in the Company of Heroes Collection — combining the World War II RTS classic and its two epic expansions into one explosive package. Master the challenging blend of fast-moving combat and squad-based tactics, and lead the charge with an all-new control scheme, custom-built for console commanders. Fight on either side — leading American, British, Panzer Elite and Wehrmacht forces through their historic campaigns in the Battle of Normandy, or create custom battles and pit them against one another in the highly replayable Skirmish mode. - Read our Company of Heroes Collection review

Cook, Serve, Delicious! (Vertigo Gaming, 12th Oct, $19.99) - Manage your restaurant as you balance out your menu with thirty foods and hundreds of recipes, compete in cooking television shows and mysterious tournaments, and upgrade your equipment while battling robbers, impatient customers, and lots more! You can also play local co-op as one person cooks and the other expedites the orders! Or have up to four players locally with the included "Battle Kitchen" expansion, featuring dozens of challenges and unlockable characters. Good luck Chef!

Dark American Horror Stories (Cooking And, 5th Oct, $2.99) - Immerse yourself in Dark American Horror Stories and enter a world where the inexplicable and the sinister intertwine. Each story will transport you to haunting scenarios, where the deepest and darkest secrets of American society are revealed in vivid nightmares. Prepare to face your deepest fears as you explore the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of contemporary America.

Dateless Love - Love Story Behind the Restoration - (OperaHouse, 4th Oct, $19.99) - Set in Kyoto at the end of the Edo period, when you slipped back in time, Shinsengumi members such as Souji Okita, Toshizo Hijikata, Ryoma Sakamoto, and Shinsaku Takasugi…, you meet and fall in love with famous and handsome patriots at the end of the Edo period…

Dementium: The Ward (Atooi, 12th Oct, $19.99) - Award-winning survival horror experience returns from the dead. Built from the ground up for Nintendo Switch™, Dementium: The Ward combines smooth first-person shooter gameplay with a demented tale of mystery and terror. - Read our Dementium: The Ward review

Dino Ranch – Ride to the Rescue (Microids, 12th Oct, $39.99) - Join the exciting world of Dino Ranch, the animated series that has stolen the hearts of million children, and get ready for an experience jam-packed with dino-tastic fun! Immerse yourself in this epic adventure where you'll encounter thrilling mini-games and have a roaring good time with your favorite dino-mites

Dwerve (Half Human Games, 12th Oct, $19.99) - An epic action-adventure with tower defense combat! Dungeon crawl through a ruined kingdom, fending off hordes with turrets and traps! Punch them into pits! Pull them into spinblades! Dwerve is a tower defense dungeon crawler RPG where you play as a young dwarf tinkerer who adventures into a ruined kingdom and unearths the lost technologies of the ancient warsmiths: turrets and traps. These are the only weapons that can protect the dwarves from Witch-Queen Vandra and her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures hellbent on conquering the surface.

Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends (Artifex Mundi, 12th Oct, $14.99) - Step into the shoes of Mary Gilbert - world renowned botanist and guardian of Fern Flower - to once again explore the mythical realm of Slavic fables. Travel to forgotten flying islands among the clouds to stop an evil sorcerer and gain the favor of a thunder god. Save your kidnapped brother and prevent a catastrophic flood caused by the conflict between humans and the ancient Clouders.

Haunted House (Atari, 12th Oct, $19.99) - Chills and stealthy thrills abound In Haunted House, a reimagining of the classic Atari adventure! Players take control of Lyn Graves, the precocious niece of legendary treasure hunter Zachary Graves. Lyn visits her uncle’s mansion with her closest compatriots, only to find the house overrun with ghouls and monsters who quickly grab and spirit away her friends. In order to free her uncle and her friends, and capture all the supernatural foes, Lyn must find the shattered pieces of a magical urn and put them back together. Through procedurally generated room layouts, shifting walls, unpredictable enemy placements, and unique ghostly encounters, Lyn must creep, sneak, and dash her way through hordes of ghouls and eerie ectoplasms in order to locate her friends and uncle.

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator (Ultimate Games, 12th Oct, $9.99) - Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is a "realistic" blacksmith simulator based on technology from the Middle Ages where certain ludicrous hijinks might occur.

Kingdom Eighties (Raw Fury, 16th Oct, $11.99) - Kingdom Eighties is a new and standalone title in the award-winning micro-strategy series, Kingdom. A love letter to the nostalgic days of bike riding, summer camps, and sitting around in your pajamas on a Saturday morning in front of the TV. You play as The Leader, a young camp counselor who’ll have to protect their family and the entire town from the relentless attack of the mysterious Greed. The young neighbourhood kids will be at your side, and you’ll also find some new friends along the way: The Champ, the Tinkerer, and the Wiz will lend you their skills and support in battle.

Kittengumi: The Sakabato’s Thief (GameraNext, 13th Oct, $9.99) - Kittengumi: The Sakabato Thief is a visual novel that takes us to an alternative Japan (Gapon) where its protagonists, a cat and a panda who thinks he is a cat, will have to find the thief of the sakabato, one of the treasures of the Kittengumi -a group of samurai cats that watches over the security of Nyedo (Edo), to which they belong. This will be the first official mission of the characters and during this adventure, they will interact with many characters and, depending on the decisions, the story will develop along different paths, not all of them with a happy ending. The Sakabato Thief is the first of a collection of visual novels that tell different stories starring the members of this group.

Learn Words – Use Syllables (Last Qubit, 4th Oct, $9.99) - Learn Words - Use Syllables is an exciting mix between a word and a trivia game. More than 100 levels with 8 Languages to learn. Now available on the Nintendo Switch™! Words are split into colorful syllables and you have to put them back together as fast as possible. The words in every level are bound to a certain topic, so you have to know about the topic to solve it. If you aren't that familiar with a specific topic - simply click the bulb and learn something new!

Lost Dream: Overgrown (Ultimate Games, 10th Oct, $4.99) - Embark on this serene adventure, embrace the tranquillity of the overgrown world, and uncover the truth that awaits you. Can you find the source of power and unlock the mysteries within Lost Dream: Overgrown?

NOISZ re:||COLLECTION G (Anarch Entertainment, 7th Oc, $24.99) - NOISZ is an unprecedented mix of rhythm game, bullet hell shoot-em-up, and visual novel. Battle through 40 stages in a massive anime-inspired narrative full of surprising twists! NOISZ fuses music game and shoot-em-up elements to create a frantic new experience that demands lightning reflexes, keen sense of rhythm, and judicious decision making! Even shmup and rhythm game veterans will find there’s still a lot to learn... but intuitive core gameplay will ensure that everyone’s quickly blasting away to the beat!

Persona Collection (SEGA, 6th Oct, $89.99) - Experience the power of Persona on Nintendo today! The Persona Collection includes Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 3 Portable.

Pixel Game Maker Series Ninja Runner (Gotcha Gotcha, 5th Oct, $5.00) - Endless runner in 2D pixel art side-scrolling type, the goal is to escape the ninja blocking your way in the forest while grabbing the scrolls. The player's objective is to reach a high score by surviving for as long as possible, but also by eliminating enemies and recovering scrolls. 2 difficulty modes for even more challenge. Compete against a friend in 2-players mode and win the victory by resisting against the enemy waves! 1-2 players The "Pixel Game Maker Series" is a series of games created using the action game creation software "Pixel Game Maker MV" that can be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch™.

Re.Surs (Samustai, 12th Oct, $7.99) - Jessie Sullivan – a paranormal detective who worked for Re. Surs Anomaly Enforcement Administration (RAEA) in Modern-City. On a cold evening, Detective Sullivan receives a message from the Superintendent, a longtime colleague. The message says that there has been a terrifying incident that occurred in Social District of Modern-City. This incident disrupted the work of a vital processing building of the Re. Surs (the perfect source of energy). This peculiar event will entail the discovery of an extremely dangerous criminal who wants to encroach, in the truest sense of the word, the precarious peace in Modern-City and throughout the Continent.

River City: Rival Showdown (Arc System Works, 11th Oct, $24.99) - The 1989 retro classic River City Ransom has muscled up and doubled down on modern innovation! Tightened controls, improved backgrounds, and even online play — this version has it all and more! Throw in a 2D fighting game mode to the mix, and River City has never been more action-packed!

Sakura Alien (Gamuzumi, 12th Oct, $9.99) - Takagi Haru is a normal university student, with a somewhat abnormal passion for the stars. That is, until one fateful night, when a strange girl in a bodysuit falls from the sky and lands on top of him! This girl claims to be an alien princess called Ena, a fugitive on the run from her home planet, Corval. Ena is determined to make Haru fall in love with her so she can marry him and live out the rest of her days on Earth. Haru’s life will never be the same again! What will Haru do, now he has two pretty girls vying for his attention, and a fugitive alien princess living in his apartment? He doesn't know, but one thing is certain: his life will never be the same again!

Saltsea Chronicles (Die Gute Fabrik, 12th Oct, $24.99) - Saltsea Chronicles is a new story-driven adventure game from the award-winning indie studio Die Gute Fabrik (Mutazione, Sportsfriends). Captain Maja’s misfit crew must heist their impounded ship and mount a rescue. Guide the crew across islands of a post-flood world known as ‘Saltsea’. Explore strange and wonderful communities, uncover a deep conspiracy, choose where to go and which crew members to investigate with, and chart a journey through twists and turns, difficulties and delights.

Shadows of Truth (Aldora, 4th Oct, $4.99) - Two Detectives, One Target: Control two detectives with unique personalities and complementary skills. Work as a team to solve puzzles, collect evidence, and follow clues that will take you closer to the truth.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong (GameMill Entertainment, 17th Oct, $39.99) - Conquer waves of primal beasts and defeat the minions of your arch-nemesis on your way to becoming the rightful King of Skull Island. Traverse the mysterious island and uncover lore and all the secrets the island has to offer as you encounter swamps, waterfalls, jungle, and skullite-filled caves that give the island’s flora and fauna its power.

Slots Casino Game (VG Games, 23rd Sep, $11.99) - Step into the world of endless excitement! Get ready to experience the thrill of the casino right at your fingertips! Our immersive and captivating game brings the classic slot machine experience to your device. With stunning graphics, realistic sounds, and a wide variety of exciting themes, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Speediest – Car Racing Formula & Auto Sport (VG Games, 5th Oct, $9.99) - Rev up your engines and get ready for the ultimate racing experience in Speediest - Car Racing Formula & Auto Sport! Choose your path in the fast-paced world of motorsport as you take on the challenges of Formula and Autosport racing. This adrenaline-fueled game lets you dive into the excitement of two thrilling modes: Formula and Autosport.

Submersible Simulator – Discover the Titanic into Ocean (GameToTop Corp, 13th Oct, $12.99) - Dive into the captivating world of underwater exploration! Get ready for an exciting journey into the depths of the ocean, where thrilling adventures and the mysteries of the legendary Titanic await you

subpar pool (webbfarbror, 12th Oct, $9.99) - Delve into each procedurally generated level, consisting of a series of tables filled with balls you must pocket within a set number of shots. Escape into the fantastically vibrant world, while strategizing the best plan to pocket your balls. Watch your plan inevitably combust as you must adapt your next move to skilfully take home the win. Progress in the game and create your course choosing cards from a deck to tailor the challenges to your desired game experience and playstyle. Want to feel stressed to the max? Take part in the Fast Run, which limits the time you have to aim. Want a level with portals? Or how about one with conveyor belts? Subpar Pool has you covered. Or want to see what happens when you play Subpar Pool with glass balls as they roll and collide? There are thousands of ways to combine the dynamic cards to create a unique playthrough experience, every time.

Taxi Driver Simulator 2024 (DEMENCI, 14th Oct, $5.99) - Taxi Driver Simulator 2024 is a type of taxi simulator. The player will play the role of a taxi driver who worked for so long that he became a millionaire. Now he works as a taxi driver for fun. The game has realistic graphics that give you the feeling of being in the scene where the action takes place. The game features a garage with luxury cars that the player can purchase after accumulating enough currency. The game has an open world and is intended for people loving simulator games. The main goal in this game is for the player to deliver taxi customers to the location shown on the minimap within the time shown on the screen. Victory occurs when the player achieves the goal of this game. Loss occurs when the player does not transport the taxi client within the specified time.

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures (Outright Games, 13th Oct, $39.99) - Have a great Grinchy time trying to steal Christmas in this festive platformer – and help the Grinch’s small heart grow a few sizes bigger along the way! Every Who down in Who-ville loves to sing, gift and feast, which are all of the things Grinch can’t stand in the least. So, help the Grinch and his dog Max set out to steal all the presents in Who-ville. You’ll have to be sneaky to avoid the bothersome babble of carol singers, the ever-eager Whos, and all of the tinsel, trimmings and trappings of the Christmas season. Thankfully, the Grinch has some wonderful, awful ideas – like a Santa costume for stealthy sneaking, a Candy Cane Lasso to swing around, a speedy snowboard that can reach special race areas, and more. And Grinch can throw snowballs to freeze any pesky creatures that get in his way.

The Meaning of Dreams (Cooking And, 5th Oct, $2.99) - Explore the enigmatic world of dreams and discover all their meanings. Through vivid examples and practical tips, explore how dreams can provide clues to our emotions, desires and unresolved challenges. From interpreting symbols to analysing recurring patterns, this game will help you decipher the language of dreams and use that wisdom to improve your daily life and explore their entire universe in a fascinating and enriching way.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK – Expedition (Outright Games, 13th Oct, $39.99) - Bumblebee is facing his greatest mission – reclaim the ancient Cybertronian technology scattered across the globe before Mandroid and his henchbots can use them to destroy Earth’s cities. With Optimus Prime’s guidance and you at the controls, Bumblebee will grow strong enough to take on an army of robotic enemies in bare-metal combat, find the lost technology, and unlock powerful new attack combos and abilities along the way! There’s a wide world of Transformers action to discover. Gear up for boss battles with some of the series’ greatest villains, hunt down secrets, and build your relics collection as you explore three expansive locations. With gameplay modes designed for new and experienced players, there’s a challenge for every Transformers generation.

TRAPPED in The Tricky Prison (Regista, 12th Oct, $9.99) - The prison is full of tricks Seek many rooms to find cues for getaway. Can you get out?

Traumatarium (Caracal Games, 13th Oct, $2.99) - A deadly famine broke out in an ancient kingdom. Wells dried up, livestock died, and the earth turned as deadly as the plague itself. Whispers spread stories about an ancient evil reawakening in the mountains looking down upon the kingdom. An ancient evil who knew only war and famine. But who shall be so brave, so insane, so vain, as to try and best the creatures that live beyond for glory and adulation? Traumatarium is a randomly generated dungeon crawler for the classic handheld console. Fight your way through unlocking the great evil plaguing the lands by defeating the four denizens of the forbidden dungeons. Each trip down will be different. So pack your supplies, grab your favorite implement of destruction, and defeat the evils casting a shadow a plague of sorrow over the land before it’s too late.

Turbo Dash Kart Racing (GameToTop, 6th Oct, $9.99) - Prepare for an exhilarating racing adventure! Dive into the excitement of high-speed racing, strategic moves, and showcasing your skills in our action-packed kart racing game. Select your driver, customize your kart, and dominate challenging tracks to become the undisputed racing champion!

Vlad Circus: Descend into Madness (Blowfish Studios, 17th Oct, $19.99) - In Vlad Circus: Descend into Madness, discover a story full of mystery and pain where every shadow hides a twisted secret or vicious threat, and no one is safe from tragedy. Experience the chilling story of a 1920s freak circus that burned to the ground, and the grotesque quest to found the circus anew. Follow the tormented Oliver Mills as he struggles to survive and escape. Fall into the evocative pixel art, envelop yourself in the all-encompassing sound, and be enthralled by rich dialogue.

Whitestone (Hailstorm Games, 13th Oct, $19.99) - Welcome aboard the 'Sunchaser' at the dawn of the 20th century with Jack and crew! Backed by his good friend, Jack lands his first major career move as an apprentice in the Archaeology department aboard the colossal airship. On its capstone voyage to the Arctic, it's smooth sailing until Jack's quarters are broken into and his friend goes missing. A madness spread across the ship. The crew looks at Jack with paranoia, and Jack looks back with the same. Unsure who to trust, Jack is forced to fight nightmares both mental and physical as he becomes the prime suspect for a terrible deed, eventually discovering the truth with the assistance of his crewmates. Whitestone starts as an investigation and then goes far beyond. Whitestone blends RPG, horror, action, comedy and romance. Want a happy JRPG ending? Study, help out your crewmates and see the voyage completed! Want a survival horror ending? Make the. . . err not so right choices.

Z Escape (QubicGames, 13th Oct, $4.99) - Your quest is simple. . . rescue as many survivors as you can by killing all the walking dead! Zombies run and climb on buildings very fast, so make sure to shoot quickly and precisely. If there are too many of them, use your surroundings - shoot at exploding barrels, destroy bridges, and glass roofs or just drop heavy building materials to stop the zombie horde! Rescue the survivors before they become infected! But beware, after each successful escape, the zombies will become even more challenging. You must apply your strategy in real-time and spot the right target to shoot in order to win!

Zombie Defense (QubicGames, 13th Oct) - Hundreds of hungry zombies are coming for you. . . Fortify and expand your base, upgrade your weapons and build more turrets because the battle for survival has just begun! Discover new zones, expand your base, try out various types of weapons, place traps or even jump into the tank and sweep the zombies out of your sight with a cannon to secure your base! Unlock a combat drone that will help you deal with the horde or invite your friend to play in co-op multiplayer mode! Work together to defeat different types of zombies, from those that explode or spit acid to the ones that can freeze you! If you want to take on a bigger challenge then jump into the endless mode where the zombie waves never end!

Zombie Raft (QubicGames, 13th Oct, $4.99) - The apocalypse is upon us! Gather resources, expand your vehicle and find the last survivors who desperately need your help! Travel across different lands cutting your way through the hordes of zombies. Find people who survived and decide whether to accept them into your group. Assign duties to your members and use your baseball bat to protect them from hungry zombies jumping on the raft! Upgrade your weapon, set traps, build an armory as well as various machines to power your vehicle and collect more resources in a shorter time! If you don't want to go on adventures alone, you can always invite your friend to play in multiplayer mode for two players! Protect each other and build the largest raft moving among the zombies!

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