Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

If you've been wondering what's on the way to the Switch in 2023, Nintendo's UK website has now shared its own list - highlighting what's on the horizon for the year.

It includes "just a handful of announced games" on the way to Switch, but it's already got some highly anticipated releases in it such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4. Here it is in full:

Persona 3 Portable & Persona 4 Golden - January 19th


Fire Emblem Engage - January 20th

Fire Emblem Engage

Octopath Traveler - February 24th

Octopath Traveler II

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe - February 24th

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon - March 17th

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - May 12th

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code - Spring 2023

Minecraft Legends - 2023

Minecraft Legends

Pikmin 4 - 2023

Disney Illusion Island - 2023

Disney Illusion Island

And if that wasn't already enough - it's also highlighted some of the DLC and other titles on the way as well. Here's a quick list:

Are you excited about the releases coming to the Switch this year? What do you think of the system's schedule for 2023 so far? Leave a comment below.

[source nintendo.co.uk]