Octopath Traveler 2 Cover
Image: Square Enix

Octopath Traveler II is set to come to the Switch on 24th February 2023, and in the run-up to this brand new journey, Square Enix has been sharing some information on the eight different heroes whose paths you can, erm, travel.

We got a taste of what each of these characters will bring to the game in the Octopath Traveler II announcement trailer which released as a part of this year's Nintendo Direct Showcase. While the trailer did a good job at revealing the eight characters' names and the kind of jobs they hold, it provided little more information about what we can expect to find on their paths or how their abilities will play out in battle.

Fortunately, Square Enix has shared more details on these characters and we have assembled all of the necessary information into the guide below.

Octopath Traveler II Character Roster

Revealed in the Direct trailer, Octopath Traveler II will see the eight different heroes interact with each other as they go about their journeys. The extent of this interaction is currently unknown, but the level of overlap is sure to make having knowledge of each character's unique abilities more important than ever before.

Hikari, the Warrior

Octopath Traveler 2 - Hikari
Image: Square Enix

The first hero to receive a character profile is Hikari, the warrior, whose path is titled 'A Journey for Home.'

The official Octopath Traveler II website provides a brief summary of Hikari's character, which, according to the Google Translate function, reads as follows:

This is is the Hinoeuma region, where the wind blows dust. You are 21-year-old "Swordsman" Hikari Ku. You, who was born as the second prince of the country of Ku, are most worried about the country and its people who are constantly at war.

The swordsman possesses a variety of sword and spear attacks, making him a physical attacking member of the party.

Path Actions - Match and Bribe

During the day, Hikari will be able to apply to battle local townspeople using the 'Match' field command. A certain character level will need to be reached to battle stronger opponents.

At night, Hikari will be able to bribe other characters with money. The amount that each bribe costs will depend on the person to whom you are talking and what information is required.

Talent - Learned Tricks

By winning a battle, Hikari will learn a technique from his opponent which can then be used in future combat.

Latent Power - Shadow Power

Hikari appears to possess a special ability called 'Shadow Power' which releases high-damage attacks without consuming SP.

Agnea, the Dancer

Octopath Traveler 2 - Agnea
Image: Square Enix

Agnea — also referred to as 'the Dancer' — is the lead character of the storyline 'A Journey for Stardom.'

According to her character summary on the Octopath Traveler II website, Agnea's path will be one of the game's most wholesome, journeying across the country in an attempt to continue her mother's dancing prowess:

This is the Leafland region where the rich forest spreads. You are 18-year-old "dancer" Agnea Bristani. Dancing in a small bar in a small country town, you have a very big dream. Your journey begins with your heart full of hope.

The dancer's abilities allow Agnea to grant bonuses to her allies such as strengthening their attacks, removing enemy shields and changing the order of battle commands.

Path Actions - Temptation and Beg

By day, Agnea will be able to talk to local townspeople and bring them along on her journey using the 'temptation' command.

By night, Agnea will be able to use an ability to beg for offerings from the locals.

Talent - Session

Any dancer move used in battle will grant bonuses to any of the townspeople who have been brought along with 'temptation.'

Latent Power - All Together

Agnes can share her abilities with the rest of the party. Skills that are locked to one person are able to be used by anyone using 'All Together', making this a crucial ability.

Partitio, the Merchant

Octopath Traveler 2 - Partitio
Image: Square Enix

Partitio, 'the Merchant', is the hero of 'A Journey for Prosperity' - a quest that looks to be all about removing poverty and achieving a sense of equality across the land.

From Partitio's character trailer:

"Your name is Partitio Yellowwill, and you are a merchant. Your tale begins in the vast wastes of the Wildlands. After witnessing the rise and fall of the pioneer town you call home, you set your gaze upon the horizon. 'I’ll be back once I eliminate that devil called poverty from the world!'

With dreams of bringing prosperity to all, you embark on a journey with only the scent of commerce to guide you…"

Partitio can both command allies and donate BP to the rest of the party to give them more chances to attack, making the merchant job an excellent support class.

Path Actions - Purchase and Hire

Partitio can use his merchant charms during the day to obtain items from people. You'll have to cough up some gold, and the rarer the item, the more expensive it is.

When the sun sets and the moon rises, however, Partitio will be able to hire help on the streets. Again, you'll need your wallet handy, but once you've hired someone, they'll be able to help in battle.

Talent - Business Partners

Any of your hires can help outside of battle too. Some hired helpers will get you extra discounts in shops, and others might get you a few freebies. Of course, they'll be there to help in combat, too — and perhaps even at a lower price.

Latent Power - Hoot and Holler

Partitio can instantly refill a party member's entire BP — vital for when you need just a few extra hits in battle.

Osvald, the Scholar

Octopath Traveler 2 - Osvald
Image: Square Enix

Holding the job title of 'the Scholar,' Osvald's storyline was revealed in the original trailer to be called 'A Journey for Revenge.'

The character can be seen appearing outside of a house on fire, as his voice trembles. Are we safe to assume that Osvald's family was trapped in that house?:

"Your name is Osvald V. Vanstein, and you are a scholar. Your tale begins in the snow-swept reaches of the Winterlands. You have been sentenced to life in prison for murdering your wife and daughter, and have since spent 1,879 days locked within a frigid cell. 'Harvey—the man who took everything from me— shall die 'by my hand. I swear it.”

Not even the bitter cold can extinguish the raging fire in your breast. And so you set out to exact your revenge…"

As a scholar, Osvald specialises in powerful magic, ready to utilise elemental weaknesses against his enemies.

Path Actions - Scrutinize and Mug

During the day, Osvald can try to get information from the townspeople. However, there's a chance of failure. if that happens, Osvald's reputation will suffer and information will be more difficult to gain.

By nightfall, Osvald can get a bit more underhanded and steal from people. However, he must battle them in order to secure the goods — all of them.

Talent - Study Foe

Osvald automatically identifies an enemy's weak point right at the start of battle — you don't need to click on anything, he'll just spot it right away. This makes Breaking foes much easier.

Latent Power - Concentrate Spells

While many of Osvald's spells can be used to attack multiple enemies, a full Latent Power gauge means he can focus his power on just one foe, boosting its potency massively.

Throné, the Thief

Octopath Traveler 2 - Throné
Image: Square Enix

Throné, 'the Thief,' leads the storyline 'A Journey for Freedom'. This particular plot thread looks to be all about getting out of the life you lead rather than getting into it, as Throné attempts to escape from the clutches of her crime family.

The Square Enix blog provided the following summary of the thief's storyline:

Your name is Throné Anguis, and you are a thief. Your tale begins in a thrilling city in the Brightlands.
You are a member of the Blacksnakes, a thieves guild that controls the city from the shadows. Your job is to steal...and clean.
"Not again... Not this stench. Every time I breathe it in, it feels as though my very lungs are rotting... The stench of blood.“
Determined to escape the cycle of bloodshed, you embark on a journey for the keys to your freedom...

As expected with the job title of 'thief,' Throné's skills are all to do with stealth and deception.

Path Actions - Steal and Ambush

By day, Throné can use the Steal ability to pickpocket the townsfolk and gain valuable items. Each steal attempt comes with a given probability and failure to slip away unnoticed will tarnish your reputation.

At night, Throné can knock people unconscious if her level is high enough. Using this action will allow you to move forward even when somebody is blocking your way.

Talent - Blessing of Darkness

This talent automatically triggers at the start of a battle which takes place at night. Blessing of Darkness raises the physical attack, elemental attack and speed attack of your entire team so you can go on the offensive immediately.

Latent Power - Leave No Trace

Throné's latent power grants her the ability to act twice in one turn. This can be used to either attack the enemy consecutively, or for different purposes such as an attack and a heal.

Temenos, the Cleric

Octopath Traveler 2 - Temenos
Image: Square Enix

Temenos the Cleric will clearly rely on magical abilities throughout their storyline, 'A Journey for Truth.'

This particular plot thread looks to be something of a mystery, as you set out to discover the truth behind a tragic incident in your church. A little more detail was shared in the Square Enix blog post:

Your name is Temenos Mistral, and you are a cleric. Your tale begins in the mountainous region of the Crestlands.
Though easygoing in your duties as Inquisitor, that all changes the day a tragic incident takes place in the church.
"Oh dear... I suppose it can't be helped. After all, doubt is what I do.“
Sensing that there is much more to the incident than meets the eye, you set out to solve the mystery left in its wake...

Temenos's abilities look to be all about the greater good of the team, using others' strengths to his advantage.

Path Actions - Guide and Coerce

During daytime hours, Temenos can guide allies to move them around the battlefield and even summon them to help in his turn.

At night, the character's Path Action lets you force information out of people by breaking them in battle. All that is required is bringing your opponent's shield points down to 0 in order to obtain the information, meaning a full defeat is not necessary.

Talent - Moonlight Judgement

Temenos' Talent, Moonlight Judgement, automatically triggers at the start of a nighttime battle. This lowers the opponent's accuracy and defence by blinding them.

Latent Power - Judgement

On a full power gauge, Temenos can use Judgement to lower an enemy's shield points through attacks. This provides the opportunity to defeat stronger foes in a single turn.

Ochette, the Hunter

Octopath Traveler 2 - Ochette
Image: Square Enix

Ochette's job is that of a Hunter, and their storyline looks to be appropriately animal themed. They will be the lead hero in 'A Journey for Legends'.

To stop an oncoming calamity, Ochette leaves her cosy life with nature in order to find help. Here's all the details from Square Enix:

Your name is Ochette, and you are a hunter. Your tale begins on the isle of Toto'haha alongside your fellow beastlings.
Despite your troubles with the human islanders, you live a carefree life. That is, until you learn of an encroaching calamity known as the Night of the Scarlet Moon.
“All right, Master Juvah. I'll do it. I'll find those Creatures of Legend and bring them back.”

Desperate to save your home, you set sail in search of those who can help...

Ochette uses her abilities as a hunter and a friend of animals to her advantage in battle.

Path Actions - Provoke and Befriend

We're not sure why Ochette wants to do this, but in the day, she can provoke townspeople with her animals to start a battle. Win, and she'll knock them out. Lose, and your reputation in that town suffers.

Night time is when Ochette feels a bit more friendly. She can make friends with the townsfolk and summon them in battle, but she'll only make friends with them if she has certain items.

Talent - Capture and Prepare

Ochette can capture monsters in battle with her Talent. You can summon these monsters in battle as many times as you want, though you're limited to how many you can capture at any one time. To catch a monster, you either need to weaken it enough or get lucky at the end of a battle.

You don't have to summon the monsters in battle, though. You can also prepare them and turn them into useful items.

Latent Power - Animal Instincts

When Ochette's gauge is full she'll unleash her inner beast and gain brand new skills and attacks. And the bonus? These skills cost no SP at all.

Castti, the Apothecary

Octopath Traveler 2 - Castti
Image: Square Enix

Holding the job of 'the Apothecary,' Castti's story looks to be all about delving into the character's past.

The official title of her path is 'A Journey for Memories' and follows her as she tries to regain her memories. Here's a summary of her path:

Your name is Castti Florenz, and you are an apothecary. Your tale begins in a port town of the Harborlands.
Discovered adrift at sea, you awoke to the realization that you could not recall your own name. The only clues to your identity are your satchel and skills as an apothecary.
“I need to rediscover who I am. And...there's something else. Something important I'm forgetting...”

Unable to ignore the nagging feeling within you, you embark on a journey to recover what you lost...

Castti's amnesia doesn't stop her from being useful, however. Her inquisitive nature and her skills as an apothecary mean she can be invaluable:

Path Actions - Inquire and Soothe

During the day, Castti is able to ask the townsfolk for information — as long as she's a high enough level.

In the night, Castti uses her apothecary talents to soothe the sick and put them to sleep. This will use up an item, but it's good to help people, and it may pay off in the long run.

Talent - Concoct

As a medicine maker, Castti can make items in battle that can either help your party or hinder the enemy. It's similar to Alfyn's talent in the first game and will become incredibly useful as you progress. We're excited to see this Talent return.

Latent Power - Every Drop Counts

Want to concoct things without using items? This is exactly what Every Drop Counts does. When the gauge is full, you can make items without consuming anything in your inventory, and at max boost, you can save up to five materials.

Which character are you the most excited to play with? Let us know your starting journey in the comments below!