Today's Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer is here! And it's quite a bit different to the past few reveals we've seen. It's not an official Pokémon reveal, nor is it a rundown of any mechanics. Nope, we're watching a "livestream" from the Paldea region's Electric-type Gym Leader, Iono!

This bubbly, bouncy trainer is the leader of Levincia's gym who is a streamer and influencer. She's very expressive and electric, with two Magnemite-like hair accessories and a very pastel-coloured head of hair. But she wants us to play a game — who's that Pokémon? Or, "Who's Iono's Partner?", sorry.

Given the description she gives, it sounds like a brand-new Electric-type. So, it's squishy, it's not Magnemite, and it's sluggish with an "easygoing vibe". Apparently, the two lumps on its head are often mistaken for eyes. And its "body expands and contracts to generate electricity in its belly". Oh, and it's cute too. Don't forget that part.

We haven't seen the new Pokémon yet, but we'll have our eyes peeled. In the meantime, embrace the iono Zone and jump into her pastel-coloured world:

What do you think the new Pokémon will be? And how do you feel about Iono? Give us a shock in the comments!