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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival (Bandai Namco, 23rd Sep, $49.99) - Welcome to Omiko City, the stage for Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival! A city full of everyone’s favorite Taiko elements is gathered into one town. Together with DON-Chan, meet your new friend, Kumo-kyun and aim to become a Taiko Master. Enjoy 76 songs including “Gurenge,” “Feel Special” and “Into the Night,” as well as Improvement Support that helps you with honing your drumming skills! Play solo or play with friends in online matches.

TUNIC (Finji, 27th Sep, $29.99) - Brave the unknown in this isometric action-adventure game about a small fox on a big adventure. Stranded on a ruined land, your only clue is the in-game manual. Traverse the island’s interconnected realms to retrieve missing pages bursting with hints and original, full-color illustrations. What long-lost secrets will the island reveal?!

Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection (Square Enix Europe LTD, 27th Sep, TBA) - Return to Arcadia Bay and experience two award-winning Life is Strange games like never before! Remastered visuals and animation breathe new life into the great cast of characters and gripping stories. The Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection includes Life is Strange Remastered and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered.

OneShot: World Machine Edition (DANGEN Entertainment, 22nd Sep, $14.99) - In OneShot: World Machine Edition, discover a strange computer operating system with a self-contained world installed. Explore this world to unravel its mysteries and help guide a child on their mission to restore the long-dead sun. You hear that saving the world may no longer be possible ... but it’s worth a shot, you think. Now with collectible content and features exclusive to the World Machine Edition!. - Read our OneShot: World Machine Edition review

Shovel Knight Dig (Yacht Club Games, 23rd Sep, TBA) - When Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew blast apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them! Jump, slash and dig your way down an ever-changing chasm of mystery in Shovel Knight Dig, a new Shovel Knight adventure. Meet new friends and foes, visit strange lands and outfit yourself in your quest to keep the entire land from collapsing underfoot! - Read our Shovel Knight Dig review

Switch eShop - New Releases

Alter World (Abelix Games, 22nd Sep, $4.99) - The levels are unique, with puzzles that require the player to react quickly and decide when to move between worlds. The game has a unique art style that looks like a painting.

Animal Drifters (Gametry, 16th Sep, $3.49) - Animal Drifters is a wonderful arcade game where your focus is simple, you need to drive your kart and reach the end of the level before all the others. But there are lots of bonuses along the way and plenty of coins for you to grab. On top of that, you will also encounter a lot of obstacles that you need to avoid. That makes Animal Drifters highly engaging, tons of fun, and you always end up with new objectives to pursue.

Animals Transport Simulator – Car Driving & Parking Games Real Zoo Park (Midnight Works, 15th Sep, $4.99) - Animal Drifters is a wonderful arcade game where your focus is simple, you need to drive your kart and reach the end of the level before all the others. But there are lots of bonuses along the way and plenty of coins for you to grab. On top of that, you will also encounter a lot of obstacles that you need to avoid. That makes Animal Drifters highly engaging, tons of fun, and you always end up with new objectives to pursue.

Arcade Archives ROMPERS (HAMSTER, 15th Sep, $7.99) - "ROMPERS" is an action puzzle game released by NAMCO (Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.) in 1989. Control the hero CHAP, and evade monster attacks and collect all of the keys in the mazes. Knock down the stone walls with all your might to beat the monsters!

Beacon Pines (Fellow Traveller, 22nd Sep, $19.99) - Something strange is happening at the old warehouse, and Luka and his friends seem to be the only ones taking notice. Sneak out late, make new friends, uncover hidden truths, and collect words that will change the course of fate! While helping Luka investigate the strange goings-on in Beacon Pines, you’ll collect special golden charms, each with a word engraved on it. These charms can be used at certain turning points in the story to fill in a blank word and drastically change everything that follows.

BIRFIA (Silesia Games, 22nd Sep, $2.99) - BIRFIA is a couch fighting game where you battle with friends as one of the wobbly birdies inside an unfinished comic book. On top of an old apartment in Brooklyn, NY, you are going to punch (/throw/bomb/. . . ) your opponents off the arena in various creative and risky ways to ensure your team (or yourself) is among the top BIRFIAs! P. S. If you ever wonder why you hear little footsteps running across your ceiling despite living on the top floor, now you know whom to blame ;D

Blobufo (Weakfish Studio, 16th Sep, $0.99) - Blobufo Platformer Game with Diffrent Mechanic on Space! Our character moves with the power splash from his weapon. Complete the levels in this space without hitting the enemies and Thorns! Don't look easy! Seriously hard! Do you think it would be easy to move through space and pass the creatures? No!

Camped Out! (INCA Studios, 22nd Sep, $19.99) - Camped Out is a frenetic couch co-op game for friends and families where up to four players must work together to set up camp before darkness falls. Work together as a team to complete campsites and unlock further areas in the game world. Each level is a race against the clock where players are required to build tents, construct a campfire, cook enough food and get into bed before darkness falls.

Car Mechanic Pinball (SONKA, 23rd Sep, $4.99) - Welcome to Car Mechanic Pinball – repair and pimp up cars for your clients! The more money you earn by flipping cars, the more you can invest back in your workshop to improve it. All of that nicely packed as an old school arcade pinball game with a voxel look and feel! Collect fuel, and once your tank is filled, enjoy drifting around trees to open the stores. Visit the stores to buy tools. You’ll need them to pimp your cars in workshops!

Classic Games Collection Vol.2 (Baltoro Minis, 23rd Sep, $4.99) - This is a second installment of the series in which we present you with popular classic games from across the world! Prove your mastery in those titles by playing against the AI or a friend in a local co-op mode. This is a perfect game bundle to get your brain juices flowing!

Cthulhu pub (Marginalact, 21st Sep, $9.99) - Game features: - Build walls and floors for your pub! - Build tables and kitchen appliances - Set decorations - Hire your staff: cook chefs, cleaners, and waitresses - Hire warriors who will protect your pub - Discover new recipes for the kitchen - Grow your food - Earn billions with your Cthulhu pub!

Dead Rain: New Zombie Virus (TROOOZE, 15th Sep, $10.99) - It's a side-scrolling action game with a movie-like story that the main characters escape from the zombie city. Escape from the zombies and survive with a variety of modes and of a number of weapons that are leveled up and released! The long-awaited ending is waiting for you.

DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Beta Version (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 16th Sep, $0.00) - This is the beta version of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS, an online asymmetrical action game in which a band of 7 ordinary citizens tries to survive the Raider (a classic DRAGON BALL rival such as Cell and Frieza), who will hunt and evolve into an unstoppable force. Escaping won’t be so easy! The test servers will be open during the following period: UTC: 9/22 (Thurs) 1:00AM - 9/25 (Sun) 8:00AM. PDT: 9/21 (Wed) 6:00PM - 9/25 (Sun) 1:00AM.

DRAW AND COLOR: KAWAII (RedDeerGames, 23rd Sep, $12.99) - Coloring books are a great way to spend your time. It is a good way to settle the nerves and relax! It also develops your brain... just like eating fish. Use one of the premade templates or create YOUR OWN illustrations. Pick one of over a dozen drawings and make it your own. Chose one of the available settings and play around with these adorable characters.

DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms (Outright Games, 23rd Sep, $49.99) - Unleash your inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, on your fiery adventure to rescue Thunder’s family and save the dragon kingdoms! Feel the wind against your scales as you soar and dive through unexplored realms. Use your speed, tail, and claws to defeat the worthy foes and gigantic dragon bosses that stand in your way. Level up Thunder and his friends to become the ultimate dragon heroes by choosing new unlockable skills and powers. Only you can bring peace back to the inter-connected realms of ice, fire, darkness, and beyond. Stoke the flames in your chest and take to the skies – the future of the Night Lights, and all dragon kind, is depending on you!

Drift King (Abelix Games, 22nd Sep, $19.99) - THE DRIFTING FUN: Drifting mechanics with easy controls, hit handbrake to go sideways and start drifting. LOTS OF SMOKE - BURN TIRES! CARS AND TUNING: Over 30 powerful Cars with their unique bodykits to choose from, driving style and setup.

Eagle Simulator – Bird Zoo Park Flight Sky Pilot Driving (Midnight Works, 15th Sep, $3.99) - Soar through the skies and live your life as a majestic eagle! Your mission is to be as fast, determined and wise as an eagle, but you have to be careful because any little mistake will cost you. Balance your left and right wing to fly through the circles and complete the missions. Explore beautiful stylized landscapes while also feeling the wind in your face. Have this unique experience of being an eagle! The world is all yours to explore!

Easy Come Easy Golf (CLAP HANZ, $19.99) - Beloved golf-game developer Clap Hanz' latest work makes its Nintendo Switch debut! Play with friends, family, people from all over the world, or take it easy and golf on your own! Earn new characters, costumes, and courses as you play rounds in the main mode, Tour Mode. Track your growth by improving your Best Score on each course! Hop online and participate in a World Tournament or Online Match. World Tournaments with set rules are hosted weekly, and players worldwide pull out all the stops to see who has the top score! Play rounds with players from all over the world, hassle-free, in Online Match. If private affairs are more up your alley, create password-protected rooms to jump on the course with friends!

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R – Complete Edition (Outright Games, 16th Sep, $45.98) - Get your spy gear ready for the full experience with the Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R - Complete Edition! Your moment has come to join Tony Toretto as a Spy Racer in a racing tournament across the world – from LA to the Sahara Desert and beyond. Take on the role of a Spy Racer and battle against the resurgent criminal racing organization, SH1FT3R. Prove you’re the best by racing across unique tracks with your gadgets and speeding through secret shortcuts. Personalize your car with unique skins and unlock new items within the game. Compete in couch co-op with a friend or play online with up to 5 other players.

fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE (Phoenixx, 15th Sep, $17.99) - The stories in fault are presented in the form of cinematic visual novels, which tell gripping tales of human drama in a world where science fiction has melded with fantasy. Experience the series’ unique ability to bend and blend genres, all the while preserving the pillars of good storytelling that keep readers engaged. Whether your tastes skew toward action and adventure or abstract abstrusity, you’ll surely find something to love in fault.

Game of Dragons (14Dimension, 16th Sep, $0.00) - The world is largely divided into two religions, Meridian and Illunes, and believers of each religion are opposed to each other. The Church of Illunes created a paradise of gods, and rumors circulated that there were all kinds of knowledge and treasures. The six characters, including the main character Feiah, go on an adventure to go to the God's Paradise for their own reasons.

Hokko Life (Team17, 27th Sep, $19.99) - Step off the train into the town of Hokko and get settled into your new home! This quiet village needs your help to turn it into the charming rural town everyone loves. With hammer and paints in hand it's up to you to design, build and decorate homes for all of your new friends!

Kayko & Kokosh Coloring Book (RedDeerGames, 16th Sep, $9.99) - The humorous strips follow the story of two warriors that do everything they can to defend their beloved castle of Mirmilovo from attacks by the evil order of Knaveknights. Kayko is the clever, resourceful and lovable kind of a hero, while Kokosh is more of a strong and confident type, who’s always hungry. They both serve castellan and his wife—Mirmil and Lubava—who take care of general order in Mirmilovo. In this beautiful, yet rarely quiet place the sneaky attacks from the Knaveknights are so common that Kayko and Kokosh need to constantly invent new tactics of saving the castle. And they do it in the most funny and cunning ways possible: from absurd diplomatic disputes through changing the opening hours of the castle to the fight with overwhelming spirit of laziness.

Kraken Smash: Volleyball (AffairesEtrangeres, 17th Sep, $5.00) - Squids play volleyball! In this amazing local multiplayer game (or single player if you don't like other people), your goal is to make the ball touch the ground where your opponent is standing. You can smash the ball, pass it to your teammate (or to yourself if you have less than three friends), then smash the ball, or pretend to smash the ball then smash the ball with a slight delay. Have we mentioned the fact that you can smash the ball? I mean, it's in the title an everything, but it doesn't hurt to remind it once in a while. This game is a couch local multiplayer game, which means it can either be played while sitting on a couch with other people (from one to three others) or versus an Artificial Intelligence.

Learn & Play: Dino Coloring (Ultimate Games, 21st Sep, $4.99) - If your children like cute dinosaurs and coloring books, "Learn & Play: Dino Coloring" is fun, cool and one of the best coloring books for them. This is cool and fun game for all toddlers, preschoolers and kids who love games.

Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures (Mindscape, 27th Sep, $39.99) - Willowdale, once such a lively village, is in trouble. Penny, the always-critical daughter of the mayor, dislikes the countryside and wants to transform the town into a modern tourist resort. The animals no longer get the attention they need, and the villagers no longer feel at home in the town. Your uncle, the mayor of Willowdale, needs your help to restore the town to its former glory. Save the village by setting up a lively farm, constructing buildings in town, and making friends with the colorful villagers. Will you be able to return the animals that have left and become feral back to the farm?

Maggie the Magnet (eastasiasoft, 14th Sep, $4.99) - There's nothing Maggie loves more than scientific experiments! She's an animated magnet, capable of turning her magnetic powers on and off whenever she wants. Sensing the potential for scientific discoveries, she opened her own laboratory and now there's only one key component separating her from having fun and exploring her capabilities. She needs someone to oversee the experiments! Are you up for the task? Maggie the Magnet is a physics-based puzzle game, in which all the gameplay is centered around a single button. Holding it down enables Maggie's magnetic powers, thus making her fly in the direction of the magnet point, a metal plate with 4 magnets attached to it. Releasing it allows Maggie to perform all sorts of aerial stunts as she flies over gaps using gravity and built-up momentum. Fling Maggie around the laboratory and experiment with the unique layout of more than 150 challenging levels!

Magicians’ Chase: Missing Curry Recipe (PLiCy, 16th Sep, $8.99) - Curry recipes have been missing from the city's restaurants?! Maid robot May, a good-natured vampire hunter Layka and her gunslinging maid Sakura chase after the mysterious thief Garam Masala who stole the recipes! At the same time, Ethyl, Rippe, and Nayuta are also looking for the thief to solve the case. Will they be able to restore the curry recipes and peace in the city?

Moncage (X.D. Network, 22nd Sep, $13.49) - Moncage is a stunning vignette puzzle adventure developed by Optillusion. The game takes place inside a mysterious cube, with each side of the cube housing a unique world: be it an old factory, a light tower, an amusement park, a church, etc. At first sight, they may seem random and unrelated, but upon closer look, you will become mesmerized by the subtle and intricate ways of how these worlds connect...

Moonscars (Humble Games, 27th Sep, $19.99) - Under grim moonlight, the fierce clayborne warrior Grey Irma battles, driven by a lonesome purpose: Find the Sculptor, and unravel the mystery of her existence. Push the limits of your combat skills, and master new abilities to progress through an unforgiving nonlinear 2D world. Face off against the relentless darkness that seeks to destroy you. In Moonscars, every death is a lesson learnt—and as you overcome each challenge, new truths will be revealed.

No Place for Bravery (Ysbryd Games, 22nd Sep, $19.99) - No Place for Bravery is a 2D top-down action RPG which weaves together exquisite visuals, a stirring soundtrack and intense combat moments into a darkly haunting tale that explores the lengths we’d go to recapture all we hold dear. Peril awaits on every path through Dewr, a harsh world of ruined beauty and violent tribes. In this game, you must contend with fast-paced battles filled with dodges, parries and counterattacks. Making mistakes will be punishing and you’ll experience a lingering sense of fragility while facing the dangers of Dewr.

Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire (eastasiasoft, 22nd Sep, $6.99) - Saucy reveal mechanics aren’t just for pretty girls anymore. Now the boys are joining the action with the debut of Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire, a tile-matching game where cute male characters will challenge you to increasingly difficult puzzle layouts and dress up in feminine attire to reward you with every three stages you clear. Butlers become maids, cowboys appear as cowgirls, doctors dress as nurses and more! It’s crossdressing fanservice fun exploring the “otokonoko” subculture of Japan, featuring five original characters to meet and adore.

Piofiore: Episodio 1926 (Aksys Games, 22nd Sep, $49.99) - Return to the city of Burlone, Italy - home to three powerful mafia families vying for control. Liliana Adornato is an orphan with a hidden past tied to fate of the city. But when a new threat appears, the Falzone, Visconti, and Lao-Shu families must come together in a temporary truce to retrieve a stolen relic and restore the balance of power.

Potion Permit (PQube, 22nd Sep, $19.99) - The town of Moonbury has always been wary of the advances of the outside world, preferring to rely on their traditional methods of healing. Until one day, when the mayor's daughter falls ill, and the local witch doctor can do nothing to help her, they are forced to look outside their small community for help. The Medical Association decides to send their most accomplished chemist - you - to help cure the mayor's daughter and convince the residents of Moonbury of the wonders of modern alchemy. Gain their trust and tend to each person when they fall ill in this open-ended sim RPG.

Puzzle Battler! Mirai (Waku Waku Games, 22nd Sep, $7.99) - Aside from her crippling debt incurred by her splurging on snacks and diet products, Mirai is just your average girl. Then, one day, she is forced to save numerous princesses who have been snatched away. Connect four pieces of the same color to attack the enemy, and fortify your moves even further with combos! Make full use of up to three skills to add even more oomph to your battles! Featuring a variety of engaging battle tactics! Connect pieces and get combos, unleashing more and more skills! Use a skill when the boss tries their special move. Get the timing just right, and you'll perform a "Payback"!

Puzzle by Nikoli S Sudoku (HAMSTER, 15th Sep, $4.99) - Sudoku is a puzzle in which you place numbers from 1 to 9 into a 9x9 grid, divided into horizontal and vertical lines and 3x3 blocks, filling up all of the spaces with the numbers. With everything from simple puzzles to super-difficult ones, this game is popular with a wide range of players, from beginners to veterans. Please enjoy this high-quality sudoku game. The options menu, manual, and other text are available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary (Toxic Games, 28th Sep, $19.99) - Serving as the ultimate celebration of a decade’s worth of brain-twisting first-person action, Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary adds refined visuals, completely redesigned and revised gameplay sections, and a whole new chapter to a fresh take on the classic puzzler entirely rebuilt from the ground up. The new chapter - dubbed Sector 8 - offers an additional 4-6 hours of gameplay, adding fresh content to an anniversary edition that will also allow players to take on either the original 2012 version of the game, or 2014’s Director’s Cut complete with its voice-over narrative and revised soundtrack - both with Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary’s stunning new visuals.

Reasoning of Courage (HERO GAME, 15th Sep, $1.50) - Boy, courage unravels the mysteries of everyday life It is a short detective novel game.

Roar of Revenge (Ratalaika Games, 23rd Sep, $4.99) - Inspired by epic platforming classics from days gone by, Roar of Revenge is an exhilarating adventure through a vibrant world full of monsters, magic, and challenge. Take control of Keel the Barbarian, and face a vast bestiary of foes while collecting the ancient relics to empower your skills! Will you manage to stop the fury of the villainous, powerful man-lion called Leomhann?

SLICE (Abelix Games, 22nd Sep, $4.99) - slice through various unique levels full of mind-clicking experiences. Use fun to explore gameplay mechanics to combine thinking with slicing.

SongPop Party (Gameloft, 22nd Sep, $19.99) - SongPop Party is the latest addition to the biggest music trivia franchise in the world. With a huge catalogue of cult classics to today’s top hits, you can unlock hundreds of thousands of curated songs grouped by genre, artist, decade, topic and more. Play with up to 8 friends and family on your couch or online for the ultimate music trivia party! Test your knowledge against opponents online with music fans from around the globe. Based on skill level and music preferences, discover new playlists and train to be the best. SongPop Party has music for all generations, whether it’s a blast from the past or today’s greatest hits. From the oldies to yesterday, everyone can play! Find your favourite avatar to suit your music personality whether you’re a pop aficionado, EDM fan, or metalhead. Not a sing-along. . . or is it? You know it’s gonna happen; you won’t be able to help yourself!

Space Raiders in Space (RedDeerGames, 16th Sep, $12.99) - Space Raiders in Space is a mixture of roguelike and tower defence mechanics. Focus and proper management are crucial to keep your squad alive. Control up to eight heroes with unique quirks and talents. Issue commands to individuals or the entire group. Your choices will determine who lives and who ends up as bug fodder.

SpiderHeck (tinyBuild Games, 22nd Sep, $14.99) - Serving as the ultimate celebration of a decade’s worth of brain-twisting first-person action, Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary adds refined visuals, completely redesigned and revised gameplay sections, and a whole new chapter to a fresh take on the classic puzzler entirely rebuilt from the ground up.

The DioField Chronicle (SQUARE ENIX, 22nd Sep, $59.99) - A gritty and immersive story brought to life with the latest technology. Introducing "Real Time Tactical Battle" (RTTB), a new, deeply strategic, real-time battle system. The beginnings of a new Strategy RPG, crafted by a skilled and experienced development team. - Read our The DioField Chronicle review

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero (NIS America, 27th Sep, $39.99) - Lloyd Bannings returns to his hometown to follow his late brother's footsteps and join the Crossbell Police Department. However, he finds himself assigned to a ragtag new division called the Special Support Section, which performs odd jobs and helps people in need. But he and his new teammates slowly discover that their vibrant city hides a dark criminal underbelly...as well as a few terrible secrets. - Read our The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero review

The Spirit and the Mouse (Armor Games, 26th Sep, $19.99) - After a shocking thunderstorm brings them together, unlikely allies Lila the mouse and Lumion the Spirit guardian must work in tandem to restore balance to their quaint village. Thankfully, Lila has her big heart and electrifying new powers to aid her on this journey. Guide her through a heartwarming adventure across Sainte-et-Claire to befriend playful electric spirits called Kibblins and illuminate this village once more. The Spirit and the Mouse is a narrative-focused adventure game that has you searching every nook and cranny of this world to complete objectives and collect items to aid you in your humble quest to assist those in need.

Tip Top: Don’t fall! (Sometimes You, 28th Sep, $9.99) - Tip Top is an arcade-style climbing game with procedurally generated routes that never repeat themselves! It features a gripping single-player campaign that has you exploring all corners of the globe while making sure not to fall to your (perma)death. The player uses the innovative control scheme to move the character's hands from one hold to the next while making sure to be as efficient as possible. You only have a limited amount of stamina to use in order to reach the peak. If you run out of stamina or miss a hold you'll fall!

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