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1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 15th Sep 2022, Free
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The world is largely divided into two religions, Meridian and Illunes, and believers of each religion are opposed to each other. The Church of Illunes created a paradise of gods, and rumors circulated that there were all kinds of knowledge and treasures. The six characters, including the main character Feiah, go on an adventure to go to the God's Paradise for their own reasons.

[Game Features and System]

You start the game in the lobby, where you can craft and enhance cards, equipment, and engravings.

By accepting the quest, the turn-based adventure mode proceeds.

There are a total of 6 characters, and up to 4 of them can participate in battle.

Adventure mode is played on a board consisting of a 3D hexagonal tile map, and the functions available for each building (15 types) on the board are different.

The battle is basically performed as a real-time automatic battle on the 3D tile map, and the user intervenes through the use of each character's unique card skill. The user can edit which card to use in advance in the lobby. There are many other additional combat systems, such as tactical levels.

There are RPG elements such as level up and character stats.

You can use cards in adventures and battles, acquire new cards, edit and enhance card decks.

There is a farming element that uses material items that come from subjugating enemies to create and strengthen equipment. In addition, the engraving that can be installed on the equipment can be created according to the combination the user wants through the combination of conditions and effects.