Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • US 16th Sep 2022, $3.99
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About The Game

Simple mechanics

Space Raiders in Space is a mixture of roguelike and tower defence mechanics. Focus and proper management are crucial to keep your squad alive.

You are the captain now!

Control up to eight heroes with unique quirks and talents. Issue commands to individuals or the entire group. Your choices will determine who lives and who ends up as bug fodder.

It's free real estate!

Build up your base of operations, gather resources and find new weapons. Don't worry about lack of ammo but make sure your guns don't break in the middle of the enemy wave. Well... if it comes to that you can always send your crew into a heroic melee

Key features

- simple gameplay loop
- interesting story mode
- near infinite replayability
- unique aesthetic
- adult humor