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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 15th Sep 2022, $10.99
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About The Game

It's a side-scrolling action game with a movie-like story that the main characters escape from the zombie city.
Escape from the zombies and survive with a variety of modes and of a number of weapons that are leveled up and released! The long-awaited ending is waiting for you.

Dead Rain, a side-scrolling action game, has won the following awards:
・Google Indie Game Festival TOP 10

A story of survivors in a world infected with a mysterious zombie virus that grows trees from their bodies! Defeat zombies with exciting actions and strategies by combining various items, find your daughter and survive!

・Enjoy the exciting action of killing the zombies pouring out with various weapons.
・Each stage has a story-based mission, so you can enjoy a tense play.
・There are various zombies, big and small, and it is fun to fight with zombies who attack in a unique way.
・Collect all the special and diverse weapons that match the zombie worldview.
・There are vast and diverse worlds and stages.
・Enjoy the satisfactory playtime, clear the last stage and survive, and the ending is waiting for you! What kind of ending is that?!

The world is infected with an unknown virus,
It keeps raining.
Infected people act like zombies and grow trees from their bodies.
It seems that this unstoppable Dead Rain is causing the trees growing from the bodies of the zombies to grow larger.
I have to find my daughter as soon as possible.