Nintendo has announced that a new batch of Nintendo 64 games will be coming to the Expansion Pack tier of its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

As detailed in the latest Nintendo Direct for September 2022, the following eight titles — as well as the long-rumoured return of GoldenEye 007 — were announced as coming sometime this year or next:

Image: Nintendo

It's a fine list, although the fact that the Pokémon Stadiums relied so heavily on importing your own Pocket Monsters into the 64-bit game via the Transfer Pak makes you wonder if there might be some Game Boy functionality in the works for NSO, as per rumours.

Or not. Perhaps we'll just be slurping sushi with our Lickitungs on Switch. Hey, there are worse things to do!

In related news, Japan is getting an extra game in addition to the ones above: Harvest Moon 64.

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