Image: via MobyGames

Nintendo's latest Direct was packed out with farming simulators, but somehow we've missed out on one here in the west.

During the announcement of more N64 games for the Switch Online service, Japan's segment revealed one extra title. Instead of 9 games between now and 2023 (GoldenEye 007 included), it'll be receiving one extra and it happens to be the 1999 release, Harvest Moon 64. This classic will be returning at some point in 2023.

Harvest Moon
Image: Nintendo

It follows on from the original batch of Switch Online games, which at the time saw Japan receive Custom Robo 1 & 2 (games that have never been officially released here in the west).

Earlier this year in March, Japan's NSO Super Famicom library also received the original Harvest Moon game released in 1996.

Would you like to see Harvest Moon 64 added to the Switch Online here in the west? Tell us down below.