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Would it really be a working day here at Nintendo Life without reporting on the release of a new track from the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 soundtrack?

We are so close now to the release of Monolith Soft's upcoming sequel on 29th July, but if this date still feels too far away, then boy do we have some tunes for you.

The latest addition to the game's rapidly-bulging pre-release album is 'Step Away,' a classic Xenoblade-sounding track which, according to Nintendo, 'conveys the emotions felt by Noah, Mio and their allies, putting everything on the line to change the fate of their world for the better.'

'Step Away' now joins the likes of 'Millick Meadows', 'You Will Know Our Names - Finale', 'The Weight of Life', and the Chain Attack music as Nintendo continues to put the game's soundtrack on shuffle - guaranteed to please at any family summer BBQ.

In other Xenoblade news, it appeared last week that some copies of the game were already out in the wild, prompting us bunker down and prepare to avoid the oncoming barrage of spoilers.

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What has been your favourite track from the game so far? Let us know the latest addition to your Xenoblade summer soundtrack below!

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