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There's a pretty long list of players who have beaten or tackled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in weird and wonderful ways. Speedrunner Limcube is one of those people, and earlier this week, the streamer completed a pretty huge feat that could be a huge boon to speedrunners.

Limcube has managed to beat all 120 shrines in one sitting without using the Sheikah Slate's runes, and not only that, he did it all in a series of streams totalling 28 hours (thanks, Eurogamer!). Beating every single shrine in one sitting would be incredible enough, but not using the runes — which many shrines specifically encourage that you use — makes the task ten times harder. Consider us majorly impressed.

A lot of it is down to planning. Restricting yourself from using the Slate means you don't have bombs, so heavier weapons will need to be used to break things. You also can't use magnesis, cryonis, or stasis. Or even take photos! But other shrines require using other glitches and techniques to help get past some of the more fiddly puzzles. The Shrine Coordinate Warp is one of these, but Limcube also discovers a brand new Korok technique during his stream that proves hugely useful.

Limcube's community joined him for the stream and many offered hints and help throughout the 28-hour journey. The culmination of techniques, glitches, knowledge, and fans are what helped Limcube and his extraordinary Breath of the Wild skills.

The shrines in Breath of the Wild — replacing traditional Zelda dungeons — have been an integral part of the game's lore and the speedrunning community, with many players discovering new things about them along with creating unusual challenges. Here's just a handful of discoveries around shrines we've collated over the last few years:

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You can watch the entire series, which is broken up into separate videos, over on Limcube's Twitch channel right here or check out a much more condensed highlights reel below. When will we ever stop being impressed with Breath of the Wild players? Probably never.

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Note. An earlier version of this article stated that this 28-hour feat was completed in a single sitting, when it was, in fact, performed over several days. Our apologies for the error and confusion — we've made the appropriate changes to the text above.