Streets Of Rage Merch
Image: Numskull Designs / SEGA

While all the trendy kids talk about Streets of Rage 4 and (accurately) discuss how awesome it is, those of us that prefer the soft glow of nostalgia look back to the original. In truth it doesn't hold up as well as its outstanding sequel, but it's an iconic game among retro enthusiasts and some of us that had our young minds blown back in the day.

Always open to monetising nostalgia, SEGA has teamed up with Numskull Designs for a few bits of merchandise, available now in Europe from the official online SEGA store. As you can see in the image at the top there's a t-shirt, hat and mug - presumably because some consumers that happen to be older gentlemen like this scribe need t-shirts for getting the groceries, a hat to cover the expanding bald spot, and a mug for drinking tea and coffee.

Below are price breakdowns based on the UK and France regional sites.


  • Unisex and Women's t-shirt - £18.99
  • Snapback / Cap - £14.99
  • Mug - £12.99


  • Unisex and Women's t-shirt - 21,99€
  • Snapback / Cap - 17,99€
  • Mug - 14,99€

Let us know if you're tempted to pick up any of these Streets of Rage goodies!

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