Whatever your misgivings are with the recent Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, we can all agree that it absolutely has some good things going for it. One of the best is that the rerelease doesn't just contain the PlayStation classic Chrono Cross, but the Satellaview visual novel Radical Dreamers, which had never seen an official localisation or release outside of Japan before.

Back in March, the official Chrono Cross Twitter asked fans to come up with some questions for the development team. The first of those has been picked out and answered by Chrono Cross' writer and director Masato Kato.

Twitter user Almos Knight wanted to know what the basis was for finally rereleasing Radical Dreamers. Stuck on the Japan-only Super Famicom peripheral, many games are thought to have been lost or are difficult to port to consoles. And Masato Kato had a very simple reponse.

Here's the full quote from the director:

It's been over 20 years since Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit- was first released.

Apparently Radical Dreamers was being sold for crazy prices, so when I was approached this time around about porting the game, I was like "Fine, go on then."

"Fine, go on then" has to go be the most blasé response on rereleasing a lost video game, but it's an amusing one. But perhaps, more interestingly, Kato mentions prices for the original Radical Dreamers. So it sounds like Kato was spurred to make his game more accessible because people were profiting off of a rare release. Wow, that's pretty amazing.

Scalping has long been a problem in the video game industry, and if more directors and studios took this approach, we'd be able to access a whole lot more rare video games at affordable prices. We've compiled a list of 10 JRPGs and the probability of them coming to Switch, and some of these entries are already pretty pricey:

Radical Dreamers is a pretty unusual game that's similar to a text adventure. You guide Serge, Kid, and Magil through Viper Manor to get an artifact called the Frozen Flame. The game is pretty short, and there are multiple endings, meaning you can add to your Chrono series lore many times over.

What do you think of Masato Kato's response? And are you glad we finally got Radical Dreamers? Let us know in the comments.

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