Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has just released a new firmware update for the Switch. It bumps the system up to version 14.1.0.

According to Nintendo's support page, Nintendo has added "platinum point notification settings" under the notifications in the Switch's system settings. The official patch notes go into more detail:

Ver. 14.1.0 (Released April 4, 2022)

"Platinum Point Notification Settings" has been added under Notifications in System Settings.

  • Unclaimed Platinum Points earned from completing Nintendo Switch Online missions on your Nintendo Switch system will generate notifications.
  • Setting these notifications to OFF will hide the notification sent when there are unclaimed Platinum Points.

Nintendo has also made some new icons available to Switch Online members:

This update follows on from last month, which added a "groups" feature to the software menu and made some adjustments to Bluetooth audio volume.

Have you downloaded the latest Switch firmware update yet? Notice anything else? Leave a comment down below.