Words With Freds
Image: Mokuzai Studio

Heard of a game called Wordle?

It's the little web-browser game that could, bringing daily word puzzles to millions of players across the world. Naturally, such a phenomenon is bound to inspire a few clones to pop up here, there, and everywhere (even a Pokémon one!), one of which being the rather bizarrely named Words With Freds.

It's currently available on the eShop for the paltry sum of $1.00/£0.89, but some players can bag the game for free. The catch? You need to own or purchase one of the following games: LOVE, Kuso, or Pulstario.

Words With Freds is described as "a simple word game where you must guess the randomly picked word within six tries". Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so.

As for Wordle, the game remains free to play, but whether this continues into the future remains uncertain since The New York Times purchased it back in January.

Will you be bagging Words With Freds on the eShop? Let us know in the comments!

[source nintendo.co.uk, via comicbook.com]