Who's That Pokemon

If you've been on Twitter in the past week or two, you'll have probably seen a bunch of tweets with cryptic emoji squares. Tweets like this one:

You'll either know what these are, or you'll be annoyed that your entire feed is taken up with them. As it turns out, they're just the spoiler-free results of a game called Wordle — a daily, free, browser-based word-guessing game by a man named Josh Wardle (it's a play on his last name). It's simple and about as fun as doing the crossword, but what propelled it into virality is the enticingly mysterious way that you can share your results coded into squares.

Now Wordle has reached that stage of viral fame where people are both trying to cancel it and making spin-offs of it, including versions in other languages, one where you try to guess a single letter, and one where you try to guess which four-letter swear it is. Even the programmer of FEZ is getting in on it:

There is also a version where you are tasked with — rather than guessing a word — guessing which Pokémon (out of the almost-900) the game is thinking of, and it's called SQUIRDLE. Instead of telling you which letters are right, the game will tell you if you are in the right generation, the right type, and the right weight and height. Good luck to people who don't know all the intricate statistics about Pokémon, because that would really help here.

However, the website appears to be down for us — either through popularity or because The Pokémon Company said no, although we suspect the former. When it was up, though, it may not have been fully working, since this is how our attempt went:

Getting flashbacks to doing automated test papers, here

Hopefully soon the site will be back up, although writing this news piece probably won't help. Share your results in the comments!