Ladies and Gentlemen... The Beedles!
Image: ThornyFox / Reddit

Another day, another delicious nugget of Breath of the Wild-dom to nourish us while we wait for the sequel. Recently, we learned that you can swim in lava, use a Blizzard Rod to safely run through flames (while naked), and even head into space. Today, however we've seen perhaps the most exciting discovery made in the game yet: BOTW contains not one, but all four Beatles and it's possible to reunite them!...

What's that? Beedles, you say? Oh. Well, that's admittedly less exciting. But still!

No, BOTW might be many things but it's not the venue for the greatest reunion event in the history of modern pop music and, as far as we know, it doesn't have the power to summon real human beings back from the dead. At least no-one's discovered that glitch just yet.

Rather, ThornyFox on Reddit has discovered that every time you see Beedle the travelling merchant throughout Hyrule, he is actually a separate instance of the character, meaning multiple Beedles exist and, with patience, can even be brought together. This actually applies to various characters you meet across the kingdom, but they don't have a name which sounds like a '60s beat band, do they?

As noted by Kotaku, ThornyFox painstakingly (and rather rudely) pushed four Beedles together into a stable for a historic meeting, a feat which took them a whopping 10 hours. 10 well-spent hours, we might add.

We've discussed duplicates and doppelgangers in the Zelda series before, but this takes things to a new level. Let us know below if you'd have the patience to reunite this fab four.

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