BotW Death Mountain
Image: Zelda Wiki

It's kind of astounding at this point just how many glitches are being discovered in Breath of the Wild. From duplicating Korok Seeds to bagging the Master Sword early, fans are showing no signs of running out of bonkers ideas to bend and break the game.

The latest glitch is a bit of a fun one, but requires you to have a lot of health and even more recovery food. In fact, even with all of this, it's likely that you'll die within seconds of actioning the glitch. Still, it's a cool thing to pull off, regardless!

To activate the glitch, you'll need to equip the One-Hit Obliterator, a powerful item that can be found via 'The Champion's Ballad' DLC. As described in the video below, equipping the One-Hit Obliterator whilst jumping from a height into lava (or indeed, anywhere else in the game) essentially prevents you from voiding out, letting you swim for as long as your health enables.

The problem here is that you're going to lose hearts at an astounding rate, so in order to spend any reasonable time in the lava, you're going to be heading into the inventory screen every second to eat food. This also applies to other locations in the game; by blocking the void out, the game will instead apply the damage you'd take from the fall at a constant rate, wiping out your health within just a second or two.

Needless to say, how long you're able to spend playing around with this glitch is entirely dependent on how much food you have and how willing you are to waste it all. It's definitely worth trying out, at least, so long as you remember to reload a previous save!

Be sure to let us know if you're able to recreate this glitch in the comments below.