In The Dark
Image: Nintendo Life / Bitmap Soft

The humble Game Boy simply refuses to die, and we couldn't be happier about that. A brand new game for the portable console is coming soon courtesy of retro publisher Bitmap Soft, with sales due to go live later this week.

In the Dark is a puzzle game in which the primary goal is simple: turn off all the lights. Presented in a 3x3 grid format, turning each light on or off will flip the state of all lights surrounding it.

The game features a sci-fi focused narrative to support the 100 puzzles in its Story Mode, along with Random Mode that boasts over 500 possible puzzle combinations.

Here's a list of the game and product features from Bitmap Soft:

- A Story Mode with 100 progressively harder curated puzzles.
- With over 500 possible puzzle combinations, Random Mode offers countless hours of casual puzzling fun!
- Unlockable Palette Variants.
- 3-5hrs of game play with high replayability!
- Super Game Boy support with custom SGB Border!

- Professionally produced box
- In the Dark on Cartridge in a Dust Case
- A black Shell
- Full colour manual
- A game by Bryan Taylor & Tom Lockwood

You'll also get a free digital ROM with your purchase, which will become available two weeks after sales go live.

Will you be picking up In the Dark for the Game Boy? Let us know in the comments!