Control Update Keyart
Image: System Era Softworks

Another update has been released for spacefaring base-builder Astroneer, and this time, it brings with it a bunch of quality-of-life improvements, including mouse and keyboard support for consoles, remappable inputs, and accessibility options. Plus, of course, there's bug fixes. There are always bug fixes.

Alongside the improvements and bug fixes, there are new items in the store (purchasable with real money), and the EXO Salvage Initiative has returned, which allows players to unlock new cosmetics by submitting debris and salvage for points. Here's how that works:

Gaining Points

  • 25 Points – Debris Bundle (5 Points per partial)
  • 50 Points – Scrap Nugget
  • 100 Points – Debris Package (Small / T1)
  • 300 Points – Debris Package (Medium / T2)

Spending Points

  • 1500 Points – Salvage Throwback Bundle
    Contains cosmetics rewarded from previous year:
    • Palette: “Going Green”
    • Hat: “Wired”
  • 4200 Points – Hat: ”CO-N3”
  • 8000 Points – Emote: ”Stop Sign”
  • 14000 Points – Palette: ”Safety Orange”

Here are the patch notes highlights, plus the full patch notes are available on page two:

  • Remappable inputs in the Controller Settings tab of the menu
  • Mouse and keyboard support on Switch
  • Players on controller can set the Virtual Cursor to a toggle
  • Players on mouse & keyboard can set Camera Orbit to a toggle
  • More support for peripherals like the Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • Cosmetic unlocks now work on Switch, but you'll have to recreate the steps to unlock them
  • Improved landing zones on other planets, making it easier to find your established bases
  • Improved camera
  • Improved drill controls

Head over to page two for the full patch notes!