Easily one of the best Nintendo-related mods we've seen in 2021 is The Legend of Zelda: Second Wind - A Breath of the Wild Expansion. It's a "free large-scale DLC" mod that adds new quests, areas, weapons, NPCs and enemies, and overhauls existing content.

It's been getting updates all year, and now Breath of the Wild modder Waikuteru has shared a look at a "brand-new" update that features a Hinox King boss battle. This enemy can be located within a new map area called 'Abandoned Mine'. It's one of the 12 bosses tied to the 'Labours of the Hero' quest, where you'll be rewarded with an unbreakable Hylian Shield.

Here's a rundown of the quest from the project page:

"This quest is unlocked once Link leaves Hyrule Castle after obtaining the Hylian Shield. After being given the quest by Monk Ruya Nala, Link is tasked to travel near Champion's Gate, which is to the east of the Gerudo Desert in the Gerudo Highlands region. When Link reaches the location marked on the map, a shrine emerges from the ground. This is the Ruya Nala Shrine.

"Once Link enters the shrine and reaches the main chamber, the words "The Ancient Trials" appear, signalling to Link the nature of this shrine. After speaking to Monk Ruya Nala, Link is given the objective to defeat twelve bosses across Hyrule. Hints for the location for these bosses are given in the statues throughout the main chamber."

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As stunning as it looks, be mindful that this is a fan-made project and is not officially sanctioned by Nintendo. What do you think of this boss from the latest 'Second Wind' update? Comment down below.