The physical edition publishers have now confirmed that pre-orders will open later this week. Below you can see the posts of Pix’n’Love (Europe) and Limited Run Games (North America):

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Windjammers 2 has been a while coming after its reveal back in August 2018 (crikey), but the wait is almost over. Dotemu has confirmed that the frisbee throwing extravaganza will arrive on 20th January, so we only have a little over a month to wait.

As you can see in the announcement trailer it'll have 10 characters, 10 arenas and a range of different modes to tackle. Pleasingly it looks like there'll be some good options for those playing solo, along with the expected local and online multiplayer. The following details are from the Steam page:

  • The return of the cult classic Windjammers
  • Kickass hand-drawn 2D animations
  • Brand-new characters and stages
  • Slapshot, dropshot, EX move, jump and smash… a ton of new gameplay mechanics for a complete new windjamming experience
  • An amazing Arcade mode that allows superstars to conquer championships while playing solo
  • Rad tracks to headbang like a dude
  • Local and Online multiplayer

Dotemu also addressed fans on social media about the game's long road to release.

Finally, there's been confirmation that physical editions will be made available, with details to come later.

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