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The latest Nintendo Download update for Europe has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch Retail eShop - New Releases

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (THQ Nordic, 16th Mar, £36.74 / €39.99) - The hit RPG returns! From the minds of the bestselling author R. A. Salvatore, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion lead designer Ken Rolston, comes Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Remastered with stunning visuals and refined gameplay Re-Reckoning delivers intense, customizable RPG combat inside a sprawling game world. Uncover the secrets of Amalur, from the vibrant city of Rathir to the vast region of Dalentarth to the grim dungeons of the Brigand Hall Caverns. Rescue a world torn apart by a vicious war and control the keys to immortality as the first warrior ever to be resurrected from the grips of death. - Read our Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning review

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™ Complete Edition (£34.99 / €39.99) - Ready the Juice Cannons and prepare for battle in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Complete Edition – the wackiest shooter yet! Party with up to three friends and goof around in Giddy Park, or dive into some 8-v-8 multiplayer in Turf Takeover. Prepare to battle solo or in online multiplayer*** in a plant-on-zombie conflict that will take you to the outer edges of Neighborville and back again. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Complete Edition launches for Nintendo Switch on 19th March.

Root Film (£34.99 / €39.99) - Root Film is a thrilling adventure game with visual novel elements. Follow Rintaro Yagumo as he is selected to be the director for the rebooted "Shimane Mystery Drama Project”, a TV series which was cancelled for an unknown reason 10 years ago. His excitement for this amazing opportunity is quickly curbed when a horrible murder interrupts their location scouting process. Follow him and a cast of unique and memorable characters as they are drawn deeper into a thrilling mystery.

Saviors of Sapphire Wings Stranger of Sword City Revisited (£44.99 / €49.99) - Discover a tale of war, darkness, and the power of bonds, coming to the West for the first time! The world is plunged into ruin after Ol=Ohma, the Overlord of Darkness, defeats the Knights of the Round, the last bastion of defense for mankind. 100 years later, a fallen hero returns to life and must lead a new generation of heroes to defeat Ol=Ohma’s forces and restore light and hope to the world. Explore dungeons, use traps and combat prowess to defeat powerful monsters, and bond with your allies to unlock their true potential in this RPG gem. In Stranger of Sword City Revisited, you are transported to a world of gods and magic where Light, Darkness, and Neutrality hang in a delicate balance.

Switch eShop - New Releases

Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure (Vector Unit , 17th Mar, £17.99 / €19.99) - Match your kart racing skills against a rag-tag crew of rivals as you explore a mysterious island packed with ancient temples, dragon-infested castles, and post apocalyptic ice cream stands. Unlock and upgrade moon buggies, monster trucks and more. Collect and master over forty unique powerups in an epic race for the ultimate trophy. Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure is an action-packed, mayhem-filled kart racer with split screen competition and game rule customization. Play any part of the game solo or with friends in split screen—from the story-driven Adventure mode to multi-event Championships, adrenaline-pumping Races, skill-mastering Drift Attacks and more.

Can't Drive This (£16.19 / €17.99) - Race your monster truck WHILE your friend builds the road. Go too slow, and you'll EXPLODE! And yes, it's as chaotic as it sounds – especially in four player split-screen. Can't Drive This is a competitive co-op (it's a thing) multiplayer party racing game. Drive your monster truck WHILE your friend builds the road in front of you! Oh, and don't go too slow, OR YOU'LL EXPLODE! Like in that Sandy B movie, in which she kinda does the same thing, but on a bus. Also, she doesn't explode (Spoiler alert). - Read our Can't Drive This review

Cargo Crew Driver (£10.79 / €11.99) - It wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for its highly trained, efficient crew. Do you have what it takes to become a part of it? FEATURES: REALISTIC PORT ENVIRONMENT: Drive around an authentically looking port 10 AWESOME VEHICLES: Different shapes, sizes and utilities. Learn to drive them all! 50 VARIED MISSIONS: Complete unique tasks each vehicle is suited to REALISTIC TRAFFIC: Pay attention to other drivers As a member of the Cargo Crew you will be tasked with helping port workers with their day to day operations.

Dark Water: Slime Invader (TROOOZE, 18th Mar, £14.99 / €16.99) - Dark Water is a story about a granddaughter and grandmother's adventure to save their village from cursed slime attacks. Use various bow skills to defeat slimes, overcome the traps and save the village from the crisis.

DARQ Complete Edition (Feardemic, 18th Mar, £17.99 / €19.99) - DARQ will take you on a journey through Lloyd's dreams that quickly turn into a loop of nightmares. The boy’s main priority is to wake up, but unfortunately, each attempt sinks him deeper into his lucid subconscious-driven dreams. Lloyd has to adapt to the new world, re-learn gravity, strain all of his senses and mind in order to solve puzzles and sneak past the creatures guarding the corners of DARQ. Will you decipher the true meaning of Lloyd’s dreams?

Explosionade DX (Mommys Best Games, 18th Mar, £5.39 / €5.99) - All your friends are storming the Horronym Fortress but Colonel Bouche left you to guard the supply depot. Disregarding orders you open the depot to find a gigantic, prototype mech. Time to Suit Up!

Faircroft's Antiques: The Heir of Glen Kinnoch Collector's Edition (Ocean Media, 18th Mar, £8.99 / €9.99) - Mia Faircroft returns in this thrilling new hidden object adventure! When the untimely demise of one William MacDougal leaves his castle without an heir, Mia is called on to the humble little town of Glen Kinnoch to retrace his past and find his relatives. Uncover long-lost secrets through beautifully rendered hidden object scenes, piece together art and history in engaging minigames, and help the townsfolk find a new future in Faircroft’s Antiques: The Heir of Glen Kinnoch! search for objects in lavishly illustrated and animated backgrounds.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.3 Postlude Days- (qureate, 18th Mar, £5.89 / €6.59) - The final chapter of the 3-part series! Set in a tavern in a fantasy world, you'll laugh and cry in this slightly naughty love-harem romantic comedy adventure game. <STORY> Much time has passed since our hero, the chef at an Akihabara maid cafe, got transported to another world. One day, a lone girl storms into the tavern, crying, ""I'm here to inspect hostile activities! "" The girl in question is Anzu, the top-ranking maid from the maid cafe our hero used to work for in his home world. It is revealed that Anzu arrived to the other world after our hero, and has been working for the Stray Sheep's rival tavern.

Gun Skaters (RAMI BUKHARI, 18th Mar, £2.87 / €3.19) - Featuring easy controls and addictive skating mechanic, this game is designed to be enjoyed by 1-4 player(s) online or locally. You can play versus each other, work together to kill zombies, or even play a football game. Gameplay modes come in three different flavors: Last Man Skating: Players battle versus each other. The player who survives 3 rounds first wins. Football (2 players Vs 2 players): Players are divided into two teams and the team that scores 5 goals first wins. Zombie Attack (CO-OP): Players work together to beat waves of zombies.

In rays of the Light (Sometimes You, 17th Mar, £7.19 / €7.99) - There is only you, the abandoned remains of a former life and the flourishing nature that feels great in the absence of man. This world is both gloomy and empty, but so incredibly beautiful. “In rays of the Light” is an atmospheric author’s parable about our place in this world, life and death. Explore a mysterious territory filled with a variety of details that reveal the story. Solve logic puzzles and study text messages along the way.

Lost Lands 2 The Four Horsemen (FIVE-BN STUDIO, 15th Mar, £5.99 / €6.99) - An exciting adventure of a brave girl who found herself in a fantasy world. She is forced to fight against the Black Horsemen sent by evil forces to annihilate every living thing. Lost Lands: the Four Horsemen is an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells a fairy-tale story about the world with never-before-seen races and folk types. One fine day an ordinary good-looking housewife was walking down the car-park of a shopping center when she got into a cloud of mysterious fog turning out to be an interdimensional portal.

Olympic Boxing (£7.99 / €7.99) - Fight with a variety of devastating punches. Feel every hook , jab and uppercut with intuitive and responsive controls. Olympic Boxing brings you all the sensations of real boxing competitions. Put your boxing skills to test and challenge competitors from all over the world. Fight for your country in the boxing tournament and win the gold medal. Challenge your friends and family in two-player mode. Featuring stunning graphics animations and sounds , this boxing game will provide you with hours of intense fun.

Osyaberi! Puzzle Chigatan ~Spot the Differences with Everyone~ (CLOUDs Playcompany, 18th Mar, £4.99 / €5.49) - Up to 4 players can play! Crank the fun up to eleven with this spot the difference extravaganza! Enjoy non-stop dialogue every time you play! Many characters from the “Osyaberi” games make their appearance! The “Chigatan” game that anyone and everyone will enjoy playing, whether alone or with family! Time to test your brain by spotting the differences!

R.B.I. Baseball 21 (MLBAM, 16th Mar, £22.49 / €24.99) - PLAY YOUR WAY. Create a legacy and make a statement. The world of MLB awaits in R. B. I. Baseball 21. R. B. I. is the fast-paced, easy-to-learn baseball franchise perfect for anyone who wants to pick up and play, and R. B. I. Baseball 21 brings new features including create-a-player, play-by-play commentary, immersive time-of-day, and incredible visual improvements. Step up to the plate, crush home runs, and take your club to a World Series title in R. B. I. Baseball 21.

Raiders Of The Lost Island (Last Tales, 18th Mar, £7.26 / €8.09) - Collect the most riches to win this race! Don't hold back and don't be shy to push one or two pretenders into the ocean! What if they can't swim? It's all for a good cause, right? Your cause! However, the island is cursed to sink under the rising waters and soon everyone will die if none of you greedy bastards take the time to build the escape boat before the final wave. Of course, that hard working lad, doesn't have to be you. There's plenty of losers who don't really need those shiny diamonds! Keep an eye on who gets ahead and join the others to take down the leader and steal his booty! If by any miracle your party survives, you get to count your wealth and possibly win as the richest player.

Return of the Heir (PrimeBit Games, 16th Mar, £4.49 / €4.99) - After a long war, you come back to your hometown. As a noble, you commanded a detachment of the army led by the king. As you approach your castle, you notice that something is wrong. As you get closer, you will notice that the castle has been occupied by orcs. Your two companions are killed before your eyes by the enemy orc on the castle walls. In a hurry, you go to the back of the castle, where you activate a secret passage known only to family members. You decide, as the heir of the head of the family, to take the castle from the hands of the wicked orcs. Return of the Heir is an adventure-platform game set in a fantasy world.

Signs of the Sojourner (Digerati, 18th Mar, £14.39 / €15.99) - Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative card game about connecting with people. Your deck is your character, reflecting your experiences and shaping your relationships. You take over your mother's store after her death, traveling to diverse locations to acquire goods for the shop. Along the way, you'll encounter optimistic stories, compassionate characters, and delightful surprises in a world where climate change has made life hard.

Space Otter Charlie (The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, 18th Mar, £8.79 / €11.19) - With humanity gone, it’s up to the otters to save animal-kind from an inhospitable Earth. Join Charlie and his ragtag crew of critters on a daring mission through Otter Space as they search for a new planet to call home. Explore derelict space stations, battle unhinged robots, and enjoy some otterly terrific puns as you jump, float, and fly through over a dozen levels of furry fun. Zero gravity gives classic puzzle platforming a whole new twist. Anything that’s not bolted down floats freely, making for a plethora of fresh new puzzles and predicaments. On your way, you’ll find plans to craft all kinds of gear, from jetpacks to ray guns - even a foam shark suit? ! It all helps you on your quest for a furrier future!

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse ( Aspyr, 16th Mar, £14.89 / €16.5) - It’s 1959 and the city of Punchbowl, PA, is a beacon of progress and ideal living. Show the living that law and order are no match for a dead man on a mission. Your boyfriend’s back Maggie and Punchbowl is gonna be in trouble! Eat Brains: Chomp on the living and replenish your bodily arsenal of: zombie sputum, gut grenades, and the stunning unholy flatulence. Possess Punchbowl’s Population: Clamp your severed hand to a barbershop quartet singer’s head and raygun away. Build Your Zombie Horde: Convert your enemies into undead allies & lead a zombie assault on the living. Bring Civilization to its Knees: Show the retro-futuristic city of Punchbowl, PA that they can’t escape the past. Stubbs and Chill: Invite a friend to play as Grubbs for classic couch cooperative hijinks. (Friend not included)

Sumatra: Fate of Yandi (£4.99 / €5.99) - Lost and alone in the jungle after a terrible landslide, Yandi must find his way home to his beloved partner Adiratna. Many dangers and secrets will be revealed as he makes his way through vast expanses of unexplored forest and desolate wasteland. Join Yandi on his epic quest, will he even make it out alive?

Synergia (eastasiasoft, 18th Mar, £10.79 / €11.99) - A neon-lit dystopian cityscape becomes the stage for thrilling adventure and deep yuri romance in this cyberpunk-themed visual novel. The complex personalities and experiences of more than 20 characters are interwoven across multiple paths and possible endings. Your choices matter, not only to you, but to all those with whom you struggle to connect. Cila, a veteran cop with a sour outlook and anger issues expects nothing more from life besides the smell of ozone, blinding neon lights and the ever-present manhole steam.

Uchu Shinshuchu (SUCCESS, 18th Mar, £5.59 / €6.22) - Charm the aliens with the power of kiss. A platformer with 51 stages. In the year of 20XX. The humanity is on the verge of despair due to an invasion from aliens. . . On the verge of the end, human entrusts everything to Saturday-Chan who against aliens. . . with her. . . Kiss What a surprise, the aliens becomes her friend! Use the power of kiss to captivate aliens and make them your servants. Kiss your way into space. . . !

Unblock Brick (Alcyone Studio, 18th Mar, £8.48 / €9.89) - * HOW TO PLAY: - Horizontal blocks can be moved only side-wards - Vertical blocks can be moved up and down - Move the red block to the exit Unblock Brick is a popular and very addictive block sliding puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Horizontal blocks can only move from side to side and vertical blocks can only move up and down. There are four difficulty levels ranging from easy to expert, each containing 500 puzzles over a total of 2000 puzzles and will keep you challenged and addicted for hundreds of hours. Gradually increasing difficulty which makes this game suitable for kids and adults of all ages. If you like block sliding puzzle games, then you wil definitely enjoy this game!

Under: Depths of Fear (Rogue Games, 17th Mar, £9.99 / €10.99) - Can anyone ever truly outrun their demons? It’s hard to say. The Hell endured by those who fought in the trenches is the kind of trauma that leaves lasting scars on the body. . . and the mind. You thought it was over? Is it? When did it end? Where are you now? The water keeps rising, the only thing left for you to do is save your own miserable life at any cost…just like before. Immerse yourself in the mind of Alexander Dockter, a traumatized WWI veteran as he struggles to survive aboard an eerie turn-of-the-century-era ocean liner as it fills with water.

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