We've covered modder Waikuteru a fair... few... times... here on Nintendo Life, and that's largely because the mods they make and the secrets they discover are always worth a look.

Today's feature is Waikuteru's recreation of the Breath of the Wild "MarioClubTestDungeon", an area that only exists in the text files of the game. Having dug into said files, Waikuteru was able to figure out which items, weapons, and foods were placed into the debug room - a room that usually exists for testing and checking various in-game features - and create something that might look like the real thing.

Sadly, the room has one massive bug. But it's the good kind of bug: a giant one that serves as the boss! With just one shot from a bow, the bug is fixed. If only programming were that easy.

Waikuteru isn't done yet, though. While making the MarioClubTestDungeon, they made an interesting discovery of "something really exciting"... but we don't know what it is yet. Maybe it's a version of BOTW where you can play as Epona? That's all we've ever wanted.

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