Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mario Kart track
Image: Waikuteru

We've seen plenty of mods for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before, many of which have impressed us no end, but this latest effort you're about to see is on a whole new scale.

Modder and YouTube user Waikuteru has been in touch with us here at Nintendo Life to share this epic recreation of Mario Kart Wii's Luigi Circuit inside the game. That would be impressive enough on its own, but the mod comes complete with a number of dialogue options and an amazing minigame.

Waikuteru tells us that in the mod, which will be released to the public soon, players can find the racetrack just above Tarrey Town - you can get there by paragliding from Akkala Tower. You'll then be able to take part in a challenge to beat Waikuteru's own Time Trial effort of 0:56.69, having to deal with traps, enemies and more along the way.

You can see it all in the video below, complete with custom in-game music, a timer, and rewards for those who do well.

Apparently, working on this took Waikuteru a whopping 100 hours, although you can understand that given the nature of the mod. We've never seen anything quite like it - amazing work!

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