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The latest Nintendo Download update for Europe has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch Retail eShop - New Releases

Café Enchanté (Aksys Games, 5th Nov, £44.99 / €49.99) - When Kotone inherits her grandfather’s Tokyo café, she discovers the shop holds more secrets than anyone could imagine. The café is a meeting spot for beings from multiple, mystical worlds. You’ll meet the king of demons, a humanoid beast, a fallen angel, and more. And when government agents monitoring non-human activities show up at your door, your new café is about to become a lot more colourful.

Descenders (£17.99 / €22.49) - Descenders is a fast-paced extreme downhill biking game that's easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Procedurally generated worlds: Take on different jumps, slopes and hillbombs every time you play. Freestyle bike controls: Control every subtle movement of your rider, with an in-depth physics system made for slick whips and scrubs. Rogue-Bike: Earn special mutators each time you play, and work out which abilities work best for your riding style. Build your Rep: A fully-featured online Rep system lets you show off your worth, and earn new bikes and threads. Can you survive the game in a single run, and reach the ranks of the legendary Descenders? Grab your bike, pick your team, and attempt to live up to the legend of your Descender.

Fantasy Friends (£24.99 / €29.99) - Fantasy Friends takes place in a gorgeous fantasy forest where anything is possible! With the help of Aurea, the magic fairy, you will care for 12 adorable new pet friends! Take care of them and make sure you give them all the love they need. If you do, your pets will grow up and play with you! The more you care for them, keeping them happy and healthy, the more mana you will earn. Use your mana to get new creatures, buy them new clothes or even cooler toys to play with, and decorate the forest with incredible fun items!

The Bluecoats North & South (Microids, 27th Oct, £26.99 / €29.99) - Reunite with Sergeant Cornelius M. Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch in this remastered game that combines turn-based strategy and real-time action. Initially released on the Amiga at the end of the 1980s, this version will delight fans of the original game! Master the turn-based strategy to achieve victory. Take control of new states, secure forts and railways to increase your resources, and lead reinforcements sent over from Europe.

Tropico 6 - Nintendo Switch Edition (Kalypso, 6th Nov, £40.49 / €44.99) - The Tropico 6 - Nintendo Switch Edition includes an exclusive palace design, the captivating flamingo pond, something every dictator craves to impress his neighbouring states and a tourist costume for El Prez to enjoy those warm Caribbean nights adequately. For the first time in the series, manage extensive archipelagos, build bridges to connect your islands and use new means of transportation and infrastructure. Send your Tropicans on raids to steal the wonders of the world, including the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Customise your palace at will and give election speeches from your balcony, to win the favour of your subjects.

Switch eShop - New Releases

8-Bit Farm (Kairosoft, 5th Nov, £11.69 / €13) - This humble little farm desperately needs a new manager, such as you! Start out by getting some livestock, grow flowers, fruit and vegetables, gradually expanding your fields and increasing the number of staff until you're ready to open for agritourism. As your farm's Appeal grows, you will be able to enter a variety of contests. The key to winning is raising the levels of your produce and skilful placement of farm facilities so that they work together as combos. A prize-winning farm is certain to attract even more visitors!

Arcade Archives Pettan Pyuu (HAMSTER, 5th Nov, £6.29 / €6.99) - "Pettan Pyuu" is an action game released by SUNSOFT in 1984. Take control of the character, "Pettan" and make use of the plates to wipe out bugs and solve the interdimensional maze. You will need to master 4 different types of plates, all with their own characteristics. The "Arcade Archives" series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores.

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia (£39.99 / €49.99) - Action Role-Playing game with a story based on the hit TV show. The adventure takes players on the ultimate brawl as they befriend Bakugan, gear up and customize their teams for intense battles, and master their skills to become the Champion of Vestroia. Battle solo or online. - Read our Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia review

Chess Minimal (£2.24 / €2.49) - Chess Minimal contains all essential parts of good chess game: - Online multiplayer, play Blitz (5m), Rapid (15m) or Classic (30m) match - Global leaderboards, Elo rating system - Private online games with your friend - Local multiplayer on a single device - Game vs AI - Touch support - Beautiful minimal design Chess is the most popular classic game, a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 square grid.

Chicken Police – Paint it RED! (HandyGames, 5th Nov, £17.99 / €19.99) - Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken were once a legendary detective-duo, called the Chicken Police. But that was almost a decade ago, and time had ruthlessly passed them by. Now Sonny and Marty are forced to work together on a case that is weirder than anything they've ever encountered before! Chicken Police is a story-rich and dialogue-heavy game combining elements of the visual novels and classic adventure games. The game has more than 30 characters to talk to, with some having to be seriously interrogated.

Choices That Matter: And The Sun Went Out (Tin Man Games, 5th Nov, £3.99 / €3.99) - What if the sun inexplicably vanished only to return hours later? Investigate with your AI companion, Moti. Uncover conspiracies. Discover ancient religions. Travel the globe. Find out who is murdering scientists and what this has to do with the random disappearances of the sun. This is your journey, and only your choices can expose the truth.

Crazy BMX World (Shinyuden , 5th Nov, £2.69 / €3) - Tour the world, travel through space, and go back in time all on your crazy bike! Try to clear all 295 stages! Visit major cities around the globe in the World Tour, the stars and planets of the Milky Way in the Galaxy Tour, and time periods inhabited by dinosaurs, pirates, and samurai in Time Rider! 40 different bike collectibles! The more you play, the more bikes you’ll unlock!

Dragon Lapis (KEMCO, 5th Nov, £12.14 / €13.49) - A thousand years ago, a great battle ensued between two dragons, one gold and the other silver, where they were sealed away. Many centuries later, the Silver Dragon reawakens, and launches an assault on a frontier village. Lucas, a royal knight serving as a guard, little does he know he is, in fact, a descendant of the hero who once sealed the Gold and Silver Dragons in human form. Nonetheless, when the tragedy strikes, he soon sets out on an adventure to save the world! Make a return to the golden age of RPGs with 8-bit graphics and chiptunes.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.1 New World Days- (qureate, 5th Nov, £5.89 / €6.59) - You'll laugh! You'll cry! Set against the backdrop of a fantasy world's tavern, this slightly naughty, slapstick love-harem drama is about to begin! STORY One day without warning, a young cook working behind the scenes at an Akihabara maid cafe suddenly gets spirited away to another world! The new world he finds himself in is one of fantasy, where magic exists and monsters run wild. Without a way to return to his own world and at a total loss, a monster appears out of nowhere and is about to attack him when, at the last moment, Lupine, the owner of the tavern "Stray Sheep" appears and saves his life.

Gunslugs (Orange Pixel, 3rd Nov, £7.99 / €7.99) - Evil army? check! Explosions, chaos, and screen-shakes? check! A group of familiar-looking heroes? check! Welcome to Gunslugs! Fight the evil Black Duck army as they try to take over the planet using their technology and a huge collection of foot-soldiers. You’ll get to fight on plane yards, jungles, Arctica, Egypt and finally the gates of Hell. Drive tanks, fly jetpacks and shoot eggs out of a chicken-gun! Gunslugs is a fast-paced run and jump game with procedurally generated levels.

Iris and the Giant (Plug In Digital, 5th Nov, £13.49 / €14.99) - Iris and the Giant is a fusion of a collectable card game with RPG and roguelike elements. You play as Iris, who must brave her fears in her imaginary world. Behind the game's unique minimalist art style players will explore a touching story of a young woman facing her inner demons and soothing the raging giant inside. Build your deck With every encounter, unlock new cards and earn points to boost Iris. Each attempt makes you stronger, and lets you go further!

Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition (FRONTIER, 3rd Nov, £49.99 / €59.99) - Build your own Jurassic World for the first time or relive the adventure on the go with Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition! Packed with every piece of downloadable content available, Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch includes all three major narrative expansions – Jurassic World Evolution: Return to Jurassic Park, Jurassic World Evolution: Claire’s Sanctuary, and Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu- as well as four Dinosaur Packs and the Raptor Squad Skin Collection. Take charge of operations on the legendary islands of The Cinco Muertes Archipelago and bring the wonder, majesty and danger of dinosaurs to life.

Lunch A Palooza (AlternativeSoftware , 3rd Nov, £12.99 / €14.99) - In Lunch A Palooza players enter frenetic food fights as one of eight dishes, pushing other delicacies off the table in single-player or multiplayer for up to four people. Pepper your character with power-ups to spice up your unique attacks. When dishing out the pain anything goes, from serving side dishes to sweeping up the competition, to setting up push traps to clear the table for the next sitting. Remember, the dinner table arena is a hazardous place for food with flying enemies that always trying to nab a piece of you.

Memoranda (£12.49 / €14.99) - Memoranda is a game about forgetting and being forgotten! A point and click adventure game with magic realism elements that tells the story of a young woman who gradually realizes that she is forgetting her own name. But is she really losing her memory, or is there something else that could explain the strange situation?

My Little Dog Adventure (EpiXR, 5th Nov, £6.99 / €6.99) - In Little Dog Adventure you play as a little dog that discovers the world on its mission to find its way back home. It's a short emotional story-driven exploration game that will keep you interested with an immersive story and lovable characters.

Oneiros (£8.99 / €9.99) - Liam wakes up late just like any other day, but something just feels different. Doors to his room are locked, laptop's hacked, phone's broken and something just doesn't feel right. The place definitely looks like his room, but at the same time it just doesn't feel like it is anymore. He just had the weirdest dream ever, feels like his head is about to explode and he doesn't remember what he did yesterday. Find out what's going on and help Liam escape.

Ord. (£4.99 / €4.99) - Ord is a unique take on text adventure games with a minimalist use of words, visuals and sound. Play unique stories with 3 words only! Ord will make you laugh and cry through its original approach to narrative and game design.

Outbreak The Nightmare Chronicles (Dead Drop Studios, 5th Nov, £9.93 / €11.04) - As the city burns and the countryside is engulfed by the epidemic, you're now alone and forced to live with this new reality. Monstrous beasts and disfigured remnants roam freely with their numbers increasing rapidly. Scattered and separated from your fellow survivors, you've fled into a large manor estate to escape the relentless horde. Your only goal now is survival. Explore the manor, locate supplies and find a way to wake from this nightmare. But somehow... you know your fate is already sealed.

The Pew Pew Bundle Vol. 1 (Digerati, 5th Nov, £8.09 / €8.99) - Prepare to fire! Three incredible shooter-focused favourites in one explosive bundle: Black Paradox: Unleash an arsenal of weapons, power-ups, drones, and other upgrades to defeat the galaxy’s most dangerous criminal organization in this fast-paced roguelite shoot 'em up. Bleed 2: A furiously fun and fast-paced run-and-gun arcade action game. Pink-haired heroine Wryn, the world’s greatest – and only remaining – hero, returns to defend the globe from an invading force of villains.

PICK ME UP! - Rescue Rangers - (€7.99) - PICK ME UP! -Rescue Rangers- is a heroic rescue action puzzle game where you drive a rescue car and help people in need on the map. People are seeking your help in the awaiting 25 stages. To break through the obstacles that block your path, you need to transform into a special vehicle. Will you be able to rescue them? It all depends on your good judgment and rescue soul!

Roah (Jesper Erlandsen, 3rd Nov, £19.99 / €21.99) - A great unknown danger is approaching Roah's home planet. Follow Roah as she explores the world and encounters all of its different factions, uncovering the mystery of what is draining the planet's lifeforce. Roah has a big open world with new abilities, skills and moves to obtain and master. It features unique fighting-game inspired combat with tons of different moves to perform.

Salad Bar Tycoon (£4.49 / €4.99) - Look out – this awesome salad bar will soon become the best one in town! Become the manager of a salad bar and learn for yourself just how hard it can be. Be careful not to mix up your recipes! Upgrade your bar and make it beautiful! Find ingredients of the best quality! Then create the best salad bar in town! Customers are waiting in line, and you have to serve them as fast as you can. Give it your best and you might just make it!

Seven Knights -Time Wanderer- (Netmarble Corporation, 5th Nov, £17.99 / €19.99) - Seven Knights, a game beloved around the world thanks to its gripping story and unique characters is reborn as a traditional RPG for home console based on the original's universe and gaming system. A traditional RPG with a Gripping Story Vanessa, the descendant of a long line of mages, accidentally ends up wandering an unknown dimension.

Slots of the Seasons (£7.99 / €7.99) - Play seasonal Vegas casino style slots. Win free spins and lots of BIG WINS! With constantly changing seasonal themes, there’s always a reason for the season! Celebrate year-round with Slots of the Season!

Squeakers (£2.29 / €2.49) - Have you ever faced forthcoming death? Or have you ever imagined how it is to push yourself just to get another minute of your life? Forge ahead, against all odds, not knowing what’s waiting there for you and if you are strong enough to bear the suspense. The end is getting closer. Will you manage to survive?

Survival (Sabec, 5th Nov, £8.09 / €8.99) - Can you survive for 30 days in the wilderness? Survival will test your skills to the limit, you will need to hunt, fish and grow your own crops. The forest is a dangerous place, so you will have to learn to avoid being attacked and killed by the bears or wolves that roam the forest in packs at Night. Survival is a fun and easy to play game for all ages.

TAURONOS (Restless Corp, 3rd Nov, £5.39 / €5.99) - Trapped inside an ancient labyrinth, chased by the mythical Minotaur. Will you reach the centre? And if so, what will you discover about yourself there, in the dark? There is but one enemy... the unbeatable Minotaur. Only by exploring the maze of the Labyrinth can you hope to discover how to defeat this immortal monster. The great maze has many tools, many rewards, and many secrets just waiting for you to find them. But you can’t waste your precious time, for the Minotaur is getting ever closer.

TENS! (Kwalee, 5th Nov, £9.03 / €10.04) - Combining sudoku-style number puzzles and block-dropping gameplay, the aim of TENS! is simple: place dice on the board, make ‘tens’ in any row or column and clear the board to win. TENS! is a relaxing puzzle game which offers tons of gameplay styles for you to choose from including: an immersive single-player Adventure mode, a local Multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends and family, and an Endless mode which challenges your skill level. In TENS! there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Trail Boss BMX (£14.99 / €14.99) - Ride your bike through increasingly tricky levels while pulling off daring stunts, huge combos, tests of accuracy and skill! Trail Boss BMX boasts 40 hand crafted, full 3D levels. From trick challenges to score challenges, from target practice to scaring off the local wildlife - a wide variety of challenges will keep you coming back for more!

What The Fork (Bit2Good , 5th Nov, £13.99 / €14.99) - What The Fork - the best use of forks since dinner - is here! Jump on your forklift and face the new challenges either alone or in a classic couch co-op for up to four players. Let the electric motors roar and hit the forks! You thought today was a quiet evening when nothing happened? Wrong, because now the dark drones pose a new threat. Visit the different warehouses and show these windy drones how to stack properly.

World Of Solitaire (£13.49 / €14.99) - A classic collection of Solitaire games featuring stunning 3D graphics, now on Nintendo Switch! Find the secret behind the cards and uncover a mysterious quest in World of Solitaire, featuring 5 classic versions: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Tri-Peaks, and Pyramid. Progress through the game to unlock unique card sets and backgrounds. Customize the game’s appearance with beautiful card designs, while stunning animations offer a unique and immersive playing experience.

YesterMorrow (Blowfish Studios, 5th Nov, £12.14 / €13.49) - Her world: destroyed. Her family: kidnapped. Join our heroine Yui in a desperate attempt to save everything she loved! YesterMorrow is a single-player time-travelling 2D platformer mixing action sequences with puzzle elements. Follow Yui's adventure into the past where she must overcome obstacles and access hidden locations to salvage the remnants of a world trapped in never-ending Night.

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