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Single Player
Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy
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  • US 5th Nov 2020, $5.99
  • EU 5th Nov 2020, £4.99
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About The Game

And The Sun Went Out What if the sun inexplicably vanished only to return hours later? Investigate with your AI companion, Moti. Uncover conspiracies. Discover ancient religions. Travel the globe. Find out who is murdering scientists and what this has to do with the random disappearances of the sun. This is your journey, and only your choices can expose the truth. Approximately 600,000 words and 2,400 choices in total! See how many other players visited the same place as you, each time you conclude a story arc.CHOICES THAT MATTER is a collection of epic text adventure games similar to the classic Choose Your Path Adventure books. Our interactive stories are some of the most complex in the this category. No one player can discover the entire story in a single play through!