Advance Wars

If you were around during the GBA and DS generation, you'll no doubt remember Intelligent Systems' turn-based tactical series, Advance Wars (starting out with Famicom Wars in Japan). Although there's no sign of a return, these games are still fondly remembered by many Nintendo fans around the world.

One individual who would "love" to see more from this series is Wargaming's Thaine Lyman. In an interview with Nintendo Everything, he was asked if he would like to see his company's recent Switch release - World of Tanks Blitz - collaborate with a Nintendo franchise like Advance Wars.

While there are no current plans to do so, Lyman thinks the future with Nintendo is filled with possibilities:

“Funny that you should mention Advance Wars, it’s one of my favorite Nintendo game series. Personally, I’d love to do something with that entire game universe. That said, there are no current plans to do so. Honestly, Wargaming loves collaborating with great franchises and bringing gaming universes together, so naturally we’re very excited at the opportunities coming to the Nintendo Switch could bring. The future with Nintendo is full of nothing but possibility.”

In the past, World of Tanks has collaborated with series like Valkyria Chronicles and even Girls Und Panzer. Both of these games focus on war...and tanks, so Advance Wars seemingly fits the criteria. Would you be interested in this beloved Nintendo series returning as a collaborative sort of thing? How about a return in general? Fire off a comment down below.