Welcome to Box Art Brawl, the weekly series where we pit regional box art variants against each other in a fight for your approval.

Last week the fastest thing alive dropped into the brawl with the seminal Sonic 2 for Genesis / Mega Drive. In a close battle between the three regions, it was ultimately North America who triumphed, with Japan coming a close second and Europe trailing behind.

This week we thought we'd look at a rather divisive entry in the Metroid series, Metroid: Other M, which had its 10th anniversary back on 31st August. It's been a while since we featured Samus — in fact, she opened the Box Art Brawl series in style back in Brawl #1. Say what you will about this decade-old game, but one of the covers below is something a bit special.

To be fair, we thought the Perfect Dark brawl was a foregone conclusion, so perhaps this one will surprise us as well. Visors down; it's time to scan.

North America and Europe


You know, this cover boasts an attractive painterly style, strong composition, eye-catching colours, and an enigmatic logo. The white Wii tab along the top takes away from the mood somewhat, but this is a lovely piece of art and would be a strong contender most weeks...



Oh my. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so several pictures should render all discussion mute.

With that in mind, we'll turn you over to the Nintendo Life Instagram account for the full glory of the Japanese reversible slip-cover version. Be sure to click on the right arrow to cycle through the various options this gorgeous cover presents...

Just lovely, no?

So, a couple of tasty covers, but which is best? Come on, people — let's at least pretend like it's a contest this week! Pick your favourite from the options below and hit 'Vote' to let us know you prefer the Japanese one:

Which region got the best Metroid: Other M box art?

Hey, the non-Japanese one will get votes! Perhaps we're entirely wrong... but, my word, just look up there again at the beauty of the Japanese box. *begins scrawling the internet for import deals...

We'll see you next time for another Box Art Brawl.