One of the highlights of this job is stumbling across, and then being able to share, the tremendous talents of Nintendo fans around the world. We've seen homemade Zelda LEGO sets, a 65-inch TV transformed into a Switch console, and plenty more besides in recent years, and now we've got another great pick to add to the list.

Reddit user tomvdcr has shared the following image online, giving us a look at the Zelda: Breath of the Wild-inspired weapons they've been creating over the past two years. They say that most of what you see before you is "made from EVA foam and PVC pipes", but the attention to detail beyond that is stunning. We love the Guardian Sword and Guardian Shield in particular.

Image: tomvdcr

We've often thought about buying a life-sized Master Sword to display in the front room - you know, as a way to show off our love for Zelda, not for actually going around and murdering Bokoblins - but perhaps making your own is the way to go?

Either way, we're loving the dedication behind this project. Hats off to you, tomvdcr.

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[source reddit.com, via destructoid.com]