Switch TV
Image: Suprman9

We've seen some pretty amazing fan-made things over the years here at Nintendo Life, mostly from those with a keen eye for creativity and imagination, and this latest effort is soaring right onto our list of absolutely must-see endeavours.

A gaming fan going by the name Suprman9 has created 'Nerdvana', a gaming room which uses a combination of 'nerd' and 'Nirvana' for its name. The room features a dedicated One Piece mural and a Superman arcade machine among other things, but there's one item which has grabbed our attention in particular.

That's right, hanging on the wall for all to see is a giant Nintendo Switch. Of course, in reality, this is a standard TV (65 inches, according to Suprman9's site) with custom made Joy-Con plonked onto the sides. You don't need us to tell you just how amazing it looks.

After initially thinking about a potential Game Boy Color setup, and then another for 3DS, the vision of this Switch monstrosity eventually came into being. "Finally, the idea of a Nintendo Switch hit me", Suprman9 mentions on their blog. "The Switch was the perfect design because the center console looks like a miniature TV. Also, the Switch is the current console and has had some of my favourite games on it (Super Mario Odyssey & Breath of the Wild)".

From there, the process consisted of an awful lot of accurate measuring and experimental woodwork. You can read up on its creation and see more images here if you're interested.

If we're being completely honest, Nintendo Life HQ looks pretty boring now. Suprman9, fancy hooking us up with another Switch TV?

[source suprman9.wixsite.com, via gonintendo.com]