If you can think of a hugely popular franchise, chances are that there's a LEGO set out there based on its worlds and characters. That is, apart from anything Nintendo-related; the very idea of Mario and Zelda sets are enough to get any fan excited and willing to throw money at them, but Nintendo has never allowed its IP to make the jump.

That doesn't stop fans from trying, though. We've actually reported on several fan-made Zelda LEGO projects in the past, all uploaded to the LEGO Ideas site. This website allows fan-made projects to collect votes from the public, with some going on to be made into the real deal, and the latest to catch our attention is this effort from user Hanwasyellowfirst.

Based on Zelda: Breath of the Wild's stables, this concept has already gained just under 1,000 supporters at the time of writing. The creator has shared some of the reasoning behind the idea, and also some additional info on how it should be created.

"I chose the Stable as it captures well the spirit of this great Zelda game. Stables can be found throughout the vast landscape of Hyrule and I think it looks great as a LEGO set too, plus… horses!

The roof sections are hinged to allow the stable and horse pen to open up. Inside are 4 beds, a table and chairs, a recipe and the reception desk (for the trusty Stable Master to turn trusty Inn-keep).

Fire Pit & Benches
Crates and Ingredients (various)
Weapons (various)
Horses x3

Minifigures: Link / Kaas / Beedle / Pikango / Stable Master / Traveller / ???"

The creator notes that you'll have to use your imagination when it comes to the Minifigures - the final design would have Link and others in LEGO form. Still, we think the stable design itself is great and it certainly reminds us of our time in Hyrule.

Here's how the stables look in-game

If you feel like checking it out and giving the project a vote yourself, you can do so right here.

Would you like to see Zelda LEGO become a real thing? Which Nintendo franchises do you think would be a good fit? Let us know in the comments.

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