With the team-based shooter Overwatch on its way to Nintendo Switch, Blizzard has been asked once again if cross-play is on the cards, in hope heroes across all platforms can one day unite in-game. We heard in September how the company was still trying to determine if such a thing even made sense, and the question has now been raised again.

During an interview with GameSpot, Overwatch principal producer Wes Yanagi said the idea of cross-play was "definitely compelling" but that doesn't mean it'll be happening anytime soon. He went onto to reveal the "truth" – explaining how it was "more difficult" to implement than people realised. In saying this, the company is still looking into ways to make cross-play support happen.

We are exploring how to bring this to Overwatch, but do not have anything to share at this time.

Lead Producer Matthew Hawley previously said Blizzard's main focus in recent times has been to simply get Overwatch up and running on Nintendo's hybrid system:

Our focus really has been just trying to get Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch so we can have all new ways to play and welcome the Nintendo community into the Overwatch community.

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