Promotional material continues to fly in for the new Nintendo Switch Lite, all in a bid to tempt fans into a cheeky purchase, and this latest trailer is a particularly flashy affair.

The console appears to have had a slightly mixed start; we don't have enough data to truly assess its early performance, and the coming months are arguably more important for the system anyway, but early signs suggest that it's relatively popular in Japan and not quite so popular in the UK.

Despite only being on the market for a matter of days, some users have been reporting cases of stick drift, as seen in the original model's Joy-Con. At present, it's hard to know whether or not the new console really does suffer from the same problems which plagued the original system, but fans are clearly concerned regardless - user comments replying to any of Nintendo's social media posts about the Switch Lite are always full of questions about the potential issue.

Nintendo rarely provides comment on such things so we're not expecting an official response, but our time with the Switch Lite has been mostly positive up until this point. It's a charming little machine that really is a great way to enjoy your games on the go; if trailers like the one above have you sold, we wouldn't let these few early reports put you off too much.

Have you picked up a Switch Lite? Do you intend to do so? We're always listening in the comments below.