This month sees the release of the "more authentic racing game" GRID Autosport on the Nintendo Switch. While it's not a full-blown racing simulator, the team at Feral Interactive still intend to make the Switch version as realistic as possible by filling it with plenty of additional options you wouldn't often find in your average arcade racer.

One feature that won't go unnoticed by Nintendo fans is the inclusion of GameCube controller support. A gaming, tech and racing enthusiast reached out to Feral Interactive on Twitter and asked if the Switch version of the game would support the classic controller and more specifically its analog triggers. While the developer didn't confirm whether or not triggers would be properly supported, the GameCube controller will definitely be compatible with this upcoming release. Here's the exchange:

Feral Interactive previously showed off its 'Freedom of control' trailer – revealing the multiple ways players will be able to enjoy this racing game on the Nintendo Switch. There is a range of classic options and even a tilt control feature, which utilises motion controls. You can find out more about these control options in the video above.

While GRID Autosport has been given the green light for this month, there's still no word on when exactly it will be made available on the Switch. If we hear anything, we'll be sure to let you know.

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