Back in April we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the one handheld to rule them all - the humble Nintendo Game Boy. We ran a series of features on the all-conquering lump of grey plastic and had fun reminiscing about green screens, AA batteries and some incredible games.

Well, that was in celebration of the Japanese debut of the console - today is the day that the seminal little chap landed on North American shores three long decades ago. Nintendo of America tweeted out in celebration of the milestone:

In honour of the date we've decided to collect all our features together again in one post for your (and our own) enjoyment, so feel free to browse through the articles below and relive a misspent childhood or, alternatively, learn about how gaming used to be from your elders. Brightness settings?? We used to be thankful if we could see anything at all!

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Feature: I Think My Game Boy Predicts The Future

Guide: Celebrate Game Boy's 30th Anniversary With This Lovely Merchandise


And while, we're at it, here's a selection of great articles from previous years related to the granddaddy of handheld gaming:

How's that for a nostalgia trip! Let us know your best memories of the OG DMG-001 below with a little missive, if it please.